October 28, 2011

Off We Go

Abigail and I have been on an adventure this week, a cross-country adventure.
 We left Fairbanks at one in the morning (hence Abigail's outfit) and headed south to the Seattle airport.  There we had a 3 1/2 hour lay over and this mama discovered the joy of "kiddy" areas.  Parts of the airport set aside just for kids with extra thick carpet, toys and activities all enclosed where my little munchkin couldn't scoot away but could get out a bunch of energy.
 There we played, reorganized our snacks in the carry on and planned out our entertainment strategy for our next 5 1/2 hour flight, a strategy that involved a lot of books, toys and snacks.  And what a successful strategy it was because in the end it got us where we were going.  As the only baby on that long flight Abigail did amazing, so amazing the stewardess said she forgot a baby was on flight, amazing.
All this planning, packing, and flying was for one main purpose, to spend time with Aunt Hillary, Uncle Drew and Grover in New Jersey.  A time where this baby girl is being loved, entertained and adored.  Can't wait to share with you all that we have been up to, check back soon. 


mother said...

I'm thanking God for your safe trip and giving you credit for surviving so many inflight hours with a 10-month old. I especially like the pic of her by the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Mother meant to say, " I especially like the pic of her reading the book with Hillary and Drew." Thanks, Mother!


heath said...

so HAPPY to know that the process of traveling x-country went so great for you both!!! I'm so happy little A is getting uncle Drew and aunt Hil time :) Such wonderful love from them!!
(Caroline has on the same onsie as I'm reading your blog)

Beth said...

I remember flying with Ben when he was 10 months old... he wanted to stand the entire time. I just kept feeding him snacks, one single puff (or whatever) at a time. Thankfully my flight was only about 2 hours - not sure what I would have done for a full 5+ hours!! Kudos to you, Mama; nice work!!

Mother said...

Anon meant to say, "I would never attemp to manipulate others' comments to make them all about ME!"

Anonymous said...

Mother meant to say that "pictures that involve multiple people I love is so much better than a single picture of a baby."


mother said...

No, Mother did NOT mean to say anything differently than she already said in her original comment.