October 24, 2011

The Need To Be In Control

In the gardening world so very much is left up to nature.

The wind, temperature, sunshine, the rain, the lack of rain and the animals that feast of all that does grow.

After a few years of having our garden at home, the house is finished enough for Josh to take the time to build us a greenhouse.  For now the greenhouse has just been framed up.  The raised beds, windows, doors and plastic covering will call come in the spring.

But as the snow falls I look our my window and see the structure of my greenhouse and feel so very excited about next year’s growing season.  Finally, I will have a little bit of control.


mother said...

This blog made me so happy!ER No suspense at all. In just 2 pictures we heard about and then SAW the framed-in greenhouse! Like timed photography. Impatient person that I am (at times), it was great to see this project come so far in one simple blogpost. Way to go, Josh!

heath said...

how wonderful!! i'm so excited to see what you have planned for the greenhouse...what new fruits and veggies you'll try...and therefore all the new blog posts that will follow :)
way to go josh!

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