October 25, 2011

A Love of Books

Abigail loves to read.
Every since she was born I have read to her each and every day but recently that love of story time is more about the story and less about just wanting to eat the book.
We have a basket of books in the kitchen, a bookshelf in her bedroom and a basket of favorites by the rocking chair and each and every location is visited and the books looked at daily.
The other day as I was cooking I heard Abigail laughing to herself.  When I looked for her I found her slowly turning the pages in a book and laughing at each new picture that she saw.  Flap books, touch and feel books, small and large books are all very much loved in this house.


heath said...

great pics! i look forward to caroline not eating her books too!

mother said...

I would laugh at the pretty pictures in "So Many Bunnies" myself. Oh, that's right, I have!
She'll be an avid reader just like her Mama.

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