October 19, 2011

In The Kitchen

As I said on Monday, cooler days tend to lead themselves to warmer, more comfort type meals.

My fall favorite meal is butternut squash soup.  Something about this soup that just screams fall and as much as I love this meal I don’t make it any other time of the year.  It is such a joy to chop vegetables that are from our garden and dream of next year when the squash will hopefully be homegrown as well.

I made a double batch of soup and canned some this year.  I am very excited to see this in my pantry for the days when I am just not sure what to have for lunch.  Miss Abigail is hit or miss on the soup but hopefully she grows to love it as much as her mama.  In addition to the soup making I also tried my hand in making some roasted moose for Josh’s lunches.  I have made plenty of roasts in the crock pot but this was my first attempt at making it in the oven where it would them be good for slicing and sandwiches.  I am please to tell you that Josh says it is great and tastes better than store bought deli.  So much better indeed!

And as I chop, peal, roast and marinate my little girl is right here with my at all times.  She is so very good at playing with her toys as long as Mama is right near by.  She loves “her” drawer in the kitchen, the one full of Tupperware containers, and who needs popsicles when the stick is so much fun to suck on by itself, ha ha.

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hxriley said...

great job...soup looks yummy and the best part is that we know it's yummy. this is one of the many types of food that you have introduced me to! Abigail loves her drawer...she looks so happy!

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