October 15, 2011

A Garden Year In Review

Last fall I wrote a little review of what worked in my garden that year and what I hoped to do differently the coming summer.  It might not have been a very memorable or stellar blog post for you but it helped me a lot this spring, as I got ready for the 2011 garden year.  Thus I decided I should do it again.

This was a great gardening year for different reasons than last year but still good.  Due to a cooler and wetter year the onions, basil and cucumbers just didn’t make it.  Next year we should have our greenhouse, more on that to come, and the basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and possibly some bell peppers will all go in there.  I want to try my hand in starting tomatoes from seed and grow enough basil to be able to make a good bit of homemade pesto.

The zucchini plants started from seed did great.  Do not be concerned next year and buy a starter, 5 zucchini plants are too much, 3 would be just fine.

The celery was great.  Start that from seed again but next year don’t wait until the end of the summer to harvest it.  Like lettuce it grows back when the main stalks are harvested, so happy I now know this, so eat fresh celery all summer long.

The carrots did great, repeat.  But next year grow just Yukon golds for potatoes, we love them and know they work.  German Butterball potatoes were kind of a dud.

The broccoli was amazing, as was the cauliflower.  Next year I would like to plant at least a ½ of row of just broccoli.  Starting from seed with seeds from Johnny’s have worked great for two seasons, definitely repeat.

As for the cauliflower, it did terrible two years ago started from seed but my starts did great this year.  I should try it from seed again next year but maybe buy one or two starts just to make sure it all works out.

Starting green beans from seed worked but I did it way too early.  By the time I transplanted my plants the stress of it killed them.  I then put seeds right in the ground and ended up getting a good bit of green beans but not until late August.  I really have great dreams of a big green bean crop.  The past two years I have started my snap pea plants 3 weeks before the outside ground was ready.  This way they are just starting to really grow when they are transplanted and they have done very well both years.  Do this method with the green beans next year and maybe we will get a good transplant and a hearty harvest.

The pumpkins did great, more on them in another post.  I have to say they are one of the most fun to watch grow.  It is easy to cut them off the vine and have them turn orange inside so as long as the starts get started early enough, I started this years in late March, I might be good to get more pumpkins again.  Next year I want to try more winter squash, possible some acorn and butternut squash.  I want to plant the pumpkins in the lower garden with the potatoes but the butternut and acorn can be in the corners of the main garden.

And I must remember, this little girl loves fresh veges from the garden.  More is always better!


mother said...

Good fodder for winter dreams when the garden in fast asleep under a blanket of frozen ground and snow. Yay for abundant veggies!

hxriley said...

great post and will be so helpful when it comes time to start again next year :) I feel that your garden was such a success and want to say GOOD JOB!! Kathleen--with all you've had on your plate, just getting a few veggies would have been a success! you've been a wonderful mom, wife, and gardener (all full time jobs). And, i wanted to note that the very last pic of Abigail is the first pic that i've seen YOU in!!! A is so beautiful!

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