October 31, 2011

A First Halloween

A few memorable things have happened on this, Abigail's first Halloween:
1.  Today Abigail and I are flying back across the country to return home after our trip to New Jersey and since we have a 24 hour day with flights and layovers Abigail is not in costume.
2.  Abigail was dressed in a ladybug costume this past weekend at a halloween festival with Hillary (pictures were taken with Hillary's camera but due to the following events were not put onto the computer, hopefully I will have pictures for you soon)
3.  While we were in the festival there was a crazy snow storm in New Jersey
4.  Even though it was snowing we still went trick or treating until Abigail was too cold
5.  We then went home among the down trees, live power lines across the street and blinding snow
6.  We huddled in the house happy to be home and then the electricity and heat went out.
7.  By noon on Sunday the power and heat was still out so we packed up and move to Hillary and Drew's friends house where there were lights, warm food and hot showers.
8.  And then we headed to the airport

All in all, a very memorable first Halloween for this Mama and her little girl.  Hope you all have a fun and safe day.

1 comment:

heath said...

sounds very adventurous....will make for a great story to tell A when she gets older ;) can't wait to see that little ladybug!

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