October 11, 2011

Colors Before The Frost

I am willing to be the first to admit that I grow vegetables.

I might not know much about vegetables but I have worked hard at learning what I do know.   I try different soils, seeds, places for my planting, harvesting and fertilizing of my vegetable garden.

I am not so much into growing flowers.  I love flowers, please don’t get me wrong, but I am no so very good at growing them.

I do not know names, what does good where, which one will grow high or thick, which will come back next year or last only one season.  

In my center garden bed I planted poppies and daisies that I started from seed inside last spring and in July I spread a pack of Alaskan Wildflower seeds from Ben and Kari’s wedding last year.

I have to admit that it didn’t seem like anything would grow all summer.  My garden was full of green stalks and leaves right up until the week before our first frost.  Who would have thought that just at the every end of summer we would have an outburst of color in my garden.

Now I have to just wait and see which ones come back next year because honestly, I have no idea. 


heath said...

how exciting..only time will tell!

mother said...

Your flowers are simply beautiful. You can only do so much in a season, my dear. You will learn to name and cherish your flower beds, not for their utility, but for their mere beauty and brightness. This will develop in time. It did for me years ago, after the vegetables--just like you.

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