June 30, 2011

A New Motto for Life

Now that Abigail's Texas Grandparents are in town there are a few new life mottos to live by:
Such as, "If the Grandma is cold the baby should be dressed super warm."  Abigail learned that this new motto meant she had to wear a fleece sleeper, with a long sleeve onsie and socks on underneath with a winter hat, even if her mama is dressed in capris and short sleeves.  We all hope Grandma acclimates to our Alaskan weather soon.

June 29, 2011

The Smell of Hotdogs is Getting Stronger

Before Josh left town for work he put in a lot of hours at home working on the deck.
And it is coming along so well.
Before we know it there will be stairs,
handrail and
A grill to cook those hotdogs on.  Soon Josh will come home to us, the work will continue and the deck will be finished.  But for now we enjoy all the work he has already done.  It is amazing.
And in case you wonder where is Miss Abigail during all of this deck building?  Not far away at all, nope, never ever far way from her parents!

June 28, 2011

Celebrating 30

I know I seem to be dragging my birthday out a bit with this post but I really want to share with all of you pictures from my special day.
 My birthday celebration started early with my parents arriving the night before.  They were finally here, in Alaska for another summer of work, after driving 7 long days north.  We all enjoyed a breakfast together before Josh had to go to work.
 Then Grandma and Popeye went with me to introduce Abigail to swimming in a big swimming pool.
Over dinner we celebrated with making a flower, like always.  What a wonderful way to be loved.
And the birthday wouldn't be complete with out the watermelon cake.  What a wonderful day of being loved, celebrated and reflection as I move into this new decade of my life.

June 27, 2011

Life As A Mother

I have found that at times there is a need to not have certain things in order to have what really matters.  In my case, I haven't had easy access to internet since the 30th of November when I left my job with the state of Alaska and became a stay-at-home mom.
 Most of you probably know this but it might be news to some of you since I have still kept the blog up and going for the past six months.  You see Josh and I have a system for that.  I write the blog post on my computer, put the info and pictures on a data stick, and Josh posts on the blog in town.  The system works well, except...
When Josh is out of town for work.  As he has been for a week, and still it.  So that is why the blog hasn't been updated, I apologize.  But when it comes down to it, we miss Josh more than we miss our limited internet access.  But as things have worked out, I am able to post for us this week, now we just need Josh to come home.  

June 20, 2011

The Man In Our Lives

Yesterday was Josh’s first Father’s Day, such a special day to celebrate.  

Josh is a wonderful father and husband.  He loves to play with Abigail, care for her, talk to her and it is all so very evident from the huge smiles she has on her face each time he walks in the room.  We love you Josh.

June 17, 2011

A Deck Update

Things are busy around here and it has been raining.  But those two things haven’t stopped Josh from working super hard on our deck.

And it is coming along wonderfully.

Josh thinks that, given a good few hours this weekend, he will have it to the point where we can all walk on it and start to enjoy it.  Now if only the rains would stop enough for us to enjoy summer…

What a Celebration

My 30th birthday was a huge success thanks in part to my husband, family and friends.

We started the party early when Josh arranged for me to go horseback riding with friends of ours.

It had been years since I had been on a horse but my love for the feel, smell and experience hasn’t changed.  Josh knows that it is one of my loves and made this chance happen just for me.  What a special way to make my birthday special.

As I was riding, trotting, and galloping Josh was watching this little lady right outside the ring.  How fun it was to look over and see them enjoying the sunny day.

And before the day was over, Josh got to enjoy a little time in the saddle too.  Thanks so much to Rick for sharing our horses, to Josh for setting the whole thing up and to Abigail for being such a good baby while her parents had some fun.  And it wasn’t even my birthday yet.  I will share what happened on that day soon.

June 15, 2011

The big 30.

Kathleen is turning 30 today, and what better way to celebrate that by having a picnic?
Granted we had this event a few days early, so I could attend, and Kathleen prepared the meal.  But we were still celebrating Kathleen.

So, Happy Birthday Kathleen.  

June 14, 2011

A Visit From Grandpa

Josh’s dad is working in Denali again this year.  So over the weekend, on his day off, he came to visit us.

And we had a wonderful Sunday afternoon together.

It was a relaxing time spent playing.

Relaxing on the deck 

And being a family.  Thanks for coming to visit Grandpa, we all had a great time.

June 13, 2011

Piggy Back Rides

The other day we needed to get our potato starts in the ground so they could start growing.

Up to this point Abigail and I had been enjoying the Ergo baby carrier as a front carrier each day.  But with Josh home to help me get Abigail into place, we were able to try it out as a back carrier.

It worked out great as I bent to carry tires, move dirt and plant potatoes.  Carrying the baby on my front works just fine but it is a lot easier to bend over when she was secure on my back.

She was so secure in fact that she feel asleep.  Josh and I were able to finish up our work in the yard while she rested.  With the summer in full swing there is so much to do around the house.

But it will get done; one project and one piggyback ride at a time.

June 10, 2011

So due to scheduling, work, and computers. We haven't had a blog post for you, yesterday or today. But this by no means that nothing is going on. Actually it means a lot has been happening. One thing I can tell you in this pictureless post is that Abigail had her six month well baby visit and shots yesterday. Our little lady is now 17 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. More updates and pictures to come. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

June 8, 2011

Early Love

Abigail holds a bunch of familiar traits from both of her parents.  And just like you saw last week in her love for watermelon, this week she fell in love with one of her father’s favorites.

No, she didn’t actually get to taste the cool whip, more for her daddy, but she sure does love the container.  The love starts early.

June 7, 2011

What’s For Dinner, Update

Abigail had her 6th month birthday this past weekend.  And with that the solid foods have started around here.

Abigail isn’t really sure of it all just yet.  Pureed foods aren’t her favorite but she does love to gum a fresh green bean from the garden although the flavors are just all a little different from her usual dose of breast milk for sure!

Even though we have just started on this adventure I have already learned a few things:
 Baa Baa black sheep is the nursery rhyme that opens my mouth the most for when I am trying to get her to open her mouth.

1. Abigail really likes to hold her own spoon and put it in her own mouth.  None of this just being fed stuff works for her.

Avocado stains clothes, bummer.
Rice cereal is just too boring for our little girl.  We moved right on to carrots, green beans, peas, avocado, applesauce and asparagus so far.

1.      I find great joy in seeing the ice cub trays fill up with her baby food.  Once again the magic bullet has become the best kitchen appliance.  Baby food for Abigail and smoothie for mama all at the same time.

June 6, 2011

View From My Front Door

This past week Josh started on our next big house project, the deck.

He started with concrete for the posts earlier in the week.  

Then over the weekend he built the portion of the deck that goes from the arctic entry to the edge of the house.  Once that was done, and enjoyed as a great place to sit outside during a rainstorm and not get wet, he moved onto building the stairs.

As he put in the concrete pads for the stair support posts I had a great idea.  I placed some of my rock collection into the areas around where the bracket would be.  These rocks have been collected all over the world and for a long time have just been in a few boxes.  It is so fun to pull them out, see them, and use them in part of our house design.

Now I can walk out our front door and see a deck, at least part of one, and the start of stairs.  What a wonderful view to behold!

June 3, 2011

Bare Toes and Sundresses

As you can see from the past few posts, the warmer weather of summer has arrived.  

With that, the sundresses are unpacked and ready to be worn.

But in the mornings when Abigail is playing the house is on the cooler side.

And so we are starting to really enjoy Baby Legs, leg warmers that fit great with the sundresses in the morning.

And a onesie in the evening after a bath.   Working around the weather isn’t too hard for this little girl at all.

June 2, 2011

Summer Time

Abigail might look just like her father but it is fun to see that she does share my love for watermelon.

June 1, 2011

First Hike

To start our Memorial Day weekend we decided to venture out for our first family hike on Saturday morning.

And for the first time Abigail was able to try out the baby carrier we found for a great deal at a garage sale last summer.

So as Josh and I worked our way up the mountain, Abigail was all snug in her bug free little pack.  


One person we passed called it a baby cage, yet we call is wonderful not to have to worry about Abigail being scorched by the sun or eaten by the bugs.

And as we worked our way to the to of the mountain and back we grew excited about all of the adventure we will experience in the coming months.  Summer has arrived to Alaska, let the fun begin.

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