January 31, 2011

Sunday Afternoons

The weekends are a fun time because Josh is home to help me out with Abigail.
One thing they are great at are taking naps together.  A Sunday afternoon, sun coming through the windows and a nice soft couch are a wonderful combination for these two.  (although Josh likes to sleep with his head covered so the sun coming through the windows doesn't matter much to him)
Regardless, there isn't much better sleep than in the arms of a daddy.

January 28, 2011

Packing on the Pounds

Some changes have been happening around our home recently and most of them have to do with food.

Due to a rash, reflux and the need to find the answer I have gone back on a limited diet, even more restrictive than the one before.  For now we are off:


Hopefully the answer to making Abigail feel good will come of all this.  I haven't eaten these things for a week, apples and citrus is newer, but will stay clear of them for at least another week before reintroducing things to see how she does.  Right now, besides having to be creative in the meal processes, I am doing ok with the diet and the decrease in my migraine count also feels good.

For now Abigail is doing well.  She still has her nights and days mixed up and likes to sleep in the day and stay up from about 5 or 7 in the evening until 1 to 3 am all bright eyed and bushy tailed with Mama. But with Abigail being my work schedule I can work with her as needed.  I am learning a lot of tricks to try and keep her awake during the day so that this trend can flip soon.

Our friend Carol in Texas asked on Monday's post how big our girl is.  So on Wednesday I stopped by to see Laura at the public health office and we had a weigh in.  At 7 1/2 weeks Abigail was weighing in at 11 lbs 7.5 oz.  And she keeps on growing.  So even with the food issues and sleep issues she is growing like a champ and is super happy about it too.

January 26, 2011

Love Is

Every night I am up at random times for hours caring for Abigail.  And each evening before he goes to bed Josh gets things ready for our night ahead.
 He brings to the nursery a plate of finger foods and plenty of water so that I can stay feed as I feed the baby.
This nightly act of service makes us both feel so loved.

January 25, 2011

Making it More Useful

About a year and a half ago Josh was able to purchase this European wardrobe for a good deal.
 Sine then it has been in the living room until the built in book case can be built some time down the road.  But for the most part things would just get piled in there and the space was always frustrating to me.
Until now, when Josh built shelves inside the wardrobe.  With a way to separate things the space has become extremely useful and organized.  Just what we like around these parts.

January 24, 2011

Good Friends

We all know how important it is in life to have good friends.  Abigail has learned this early and has found four.
 These friends were a gift from Abigail's great Aunt Jean and she loves them.  Mrs. Hippo, Mr. Monkey, Mr. Elephant (who was just re-found), and Ms. Giraffe.
You can't tell from this picture but she loves to talk to them, bat at them and laugh with them while getting changed.  Today though, they are just watching our little girl sleep.  Good friends are there to play with but also know when to just be there to keep you company when you are tired.

January 21, 2011

That Extra Little Bit

The trim is looking super good around the house.  The doors and windows still need it but most of the base trim is in place.
But Josh didn't stop there.  He got an idea to put trim pieces, 1/2 the height, on each stair.  Before we went to the effort to do all that we put the pieces out for a day to see what we thought.
We liked it a lot and so Josh went ahead and painted, cut to length and put in an angle for each piece.   
We love how it seems to connect the house.

January 20, 2011

Trimming It Up

Things are going so well at home that you might think, boy their house is done.  But alas it isn't.  There are still things to do.
Such as base trim.  And Josh is on it.  It is making the house look great and is coming along wonderfully.  More progress to show soon.  Stay tuned.

January 19, 2011

Out on the Town

With family in town for most of Abigail's life it has always been a group of people going to town, the few times we have ventured out.  But the family is now gone and Josh is at work but sometimes things still need to be done.
So last week Abigail and I headed out on our own.  Besides church, which Josh comes to, Abigail and I don't leave the house much.  So it was a pretty big deal to get both of us ready and come to town.  The day last week went well, as is today (our second day out on our own).  We have gone by DNR to do some paperwork, gone to a dr. apt today, and both days we have met friends at the indoor ice rink where people can walk upstairs (where the picture is take) for a walk with Abigail in the moby wrap.  With days like today, -30 degrees, we are ok with not being out much, but it is a good feeling when we do.

January 17, 2011

Back to a Classy Look

So the other day I showed you the kitchen with the beautiful new crown molding.
 The only problem was that the duct work for the new microwave vent has changed the entire look of the kitchen.  Josh knew that we didn't want that to take away from the look of the kitchen.
So he picked out some maple wood and built a chase to cover it up.  Now the kitchen is back to the classy look and you can't even tell the chase is there unless you look for it, and we are set for the vent and future cooking.

January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites

Abigail had trouble sleeping the other night and so I put her in the Moby and did a load of laundry at midnight.  As we were waiting for the wash to finish Abigail gave in to the need for sleep.  I know this picture was on Josh's facebook pages ages ago but since it is Friday I thought I would put this down for the day.  It just might be one of my new favorites.

January 13, 2011

The Kitchen's Finish Work

With Josh's parents visiting Josh was able to get some help with a few projects around the house.
 One of which was to change the microwave vent.  We originally thought that venting into the house would be a good thing with our super dry weather up here, a way to keep some of the moisture in the house.  Well, over time we realized our mistake, no way to get the cooking smells or smoke out of the house when it vents inward.  I know, you are probably thinking why didn't we think of that.  Well, we did eventually and Josh and his dad fixed the situation by changing the microwave vents to outside.  Much better for canning, cooking, for the occasional smell that we just don't want in the house.
 After the vent the guys went on to work on the crown molding for the upper kitchen cabinets.  Just a little extra in the kitchen to give it a more classy look.  Also, this picture shows you the corner shelf that Josh build for us out of some extra wood.  It goes over the fridge a bit and gives the end of the cabinets a nice look.  I put that blue pitcher there but I need to either put something in it or get something taller.  I think it looks a little silly.  I will update you when that issue gets resolved, someday.
But regardless of the pitcher dilemma, the kitchen is being worked on.  With the kick plate in, done a few weeks ago, and now the crown modeling the kitchen just about there.  A wonderful place to work, cook, and create.

January 12, 2011

Our FIrst Walk

For some reason we had very, very warm and unseasonal weather here in Fairbanks last week, not that we are complaining about it at all!!  We actually did just the opposite and got to enjoy it.
So, at a month old Abigail got to enjoy her first ever walk outside.  We bundled up in the Ergo carrier and walked to the mail box, just over a mile away, each day of the warm weather.  What a wonderful blessing after weeks of -20 degree weather to suddenly have it be warm enough to walk without a hat and with my baby.  As the winter days here in the north continue I look forward to all the warm weather walks we will enjoy when we go to Texas in February to visit family and the days next year when our little girl is bigger to enjoy the weather a little more with us.

January 11, 2011

Pressure Canning

The other day I made white chili.  I have taken to cooking a pound of dried navy beans the night before before the chili to keep the cost and amount of salt in the chili down.  I made this white chili for Josh's parents while they were here and the topic of dried beans came up.  Josh's mom mentioned she often cans dried beans so that they are ready for whatever she needs.
 Since I had dried black beans in the pantry I asked if she could help me figure out my pressure cooker and make the dried beans into something I could use over the next few months.  So the other morning we soaked, cooked and canned 7 quarts of beans.  What a wonderful sight in my pantry.
With this new confidence in my pressure canner, I went on to can a few quarts of turkey soup that I made after a turkey dinner last week.  I had 6 of the 7 quarts seal and I am not feeling too bad about my first time pressure canning alone.  I have canned with my hot water canner for a few years now and feel good about the future of pressure canning too.  My pantry won't be hurting either. 

January 10, 2011

Getting Back To It

Abigail is growing.
My mother came and went.
Josh's parents visited and returned home.
Time to get back to the life and new schedule of a family of just 3.
With Abigail close I have for the past few weeks been getting back into the groove of making dinners, cleaning and doing laundry.
Between the Moby Wrap and the Ergo carrier, thanks Aunt Debby and Grandma, Abigail doesn't seem to mind too much that there aren't as many arms around to hold her.  As long as Mama remembers to keep food off of her as she cooks, thank goodness for large aprons.
But with all the work around to do, we still find time to play some card games and enjoy the long winter evenings.  Summer and the busy schedule that always brings is just a few months away.  Now is the time to hold Abigail close and rest as we can.  Hope you are enjoying your January nights as well.

January 7, 2011

Living in a House Under Construction

Like I mentioned last week, house construction is still going on even with a baby around.  Granted,  things are going slowly but they are going.
 And while Abigail stays as far away as possible from the power tools and their noise, there are some things that she likes to help her Daddy out with as he works around the house.  Such as measuring the main floor bathroom window for the inside trim.
What an advanced little girl we have, she is already to help her Daddy keep track of numbers with her carpenter's pencil.

January 5, 2011

Staying Close

Before Abigail was born friends blessed us with a Moby Wrap.
We are so thankful they did.  Abigail, her father and I all love the time we have holding her close and being able to do other things like clean bathrooms, floors and make dinner.  She loves when Josh will wear her in it and bounce on our exercise ball.  That staying close feeling is so very loved.

January 3, 2011

A Baby Dedication

At three weeks of life baby Abigail was dedicated to the Lord at our church.  She was perfect, we were so happy and so well supported.  What a wonderful life ahead of her.  We can't wait to see what God will do in her life, but don't want her to grow up too fast just yet.

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