November 30, 2010

It is Assembled

Yesterday I posted pictures of the start of Josh's big Kitchen project.
 Which involved the new raised bar for the kitchen that separates the kitchen from the dining room area.
 Isn't this counter top beautiful!  Josh built it out of hardwood maple to match our kitchen cabinets. 
But that wasn't enough for Josh.  In addition to counter top bar Josh has built curved shelves at the end to make it look beautiful.  He built the shelves out of maple and accented it with a black walnut support beam.  It makes the area look amazing and so very "finished".

November 29, 2010

Making it "Custom"

In building our house by ourselves, and slowly, we have had the chance to put a lot of custom items into our home.
 You will notice in this picture of me in the kitchen that the raised bar portion of the kitchen seems very bare even though the counter top had just been installed.
 That is because we decided to not have the store install the raised bar but instead to have Josh build a custom piece just perfect for that portion of the kitchen.
And thus begins the project that involves A LOT of clamps, maple wood, Josh having to build a steam box and learn about wood building and so many other specialty features.  But after about 100 hours of work it is coming along.  More pictures to come soon.

November 28, 2010

Not Yet

Just to let you know,

No Baby Yet.

We are waiting,
we are excited,
we have no idea when Abigail is going to be ready to arrive.

So it is back to the waiting part.

My bathrooms are clean, 
Carpets vacuumed
And I am trying to make sure no dishes stay in the sink.

But regardless of my plans she still hasn't arrived.

We will let know when she does.

November 26, 2010

Getting Ready

In getting ready for Abigail the main thing I was really worried about having in place was her car seat.  Because whenever she comes I want to be sure we can bring her home from the hospital.
My brother and sister-in-law were super generous in putting all of those fears aside and gifted us with an amazing, top of the line seat for our little lady.  The other day while it was still day light out Josh and I read the instruction book and putting it all into place.
How fun it is to drive around town with this new addition to our car.  As Kelly predicted, I did freak out a little seeing it in the rear view mirror that first day.  This is really happening.  And now whenever Abigail is ready to arrive (any day now Abigail) we will be ready to bring her home where she belongs.

November 25, 2010

How Thankful

On this Thanksgiving day I have so very much I am thankful for this year that I feel overfull.
 I am so very thankful for Josh.  For the husband, friend, co-worker and fellow adventurer that he is.  What a year we have had with travel, building of our home and the starting of our family.
I am so very thankful for both of our extended family and the time we have had to spend with them this year.  The Davis reunion in April to the Gulf of Mexico and all of the visitors that have come up to Alaska this year!
 And with having Josh's dad and brother working in Denali this year we have had the chance to see them both, and Josh's mom, so very much this summer.  It was so wonderful to have them be part of the little things throughout the year.
 I am so thankful for baby Abigail.  For the fact that is going to be the one to turn our family from two to three, that she is healthy, and that she is now full term.  What a wonderful year we have already spent with her.  We just can't wait to finally meet her!
 I am so very thankful for our beautiful home that is now sided, insured, has flooring, a kitchen, a sink in the kitchen, furniture and is a wonderful place to be.  Josh and I both love the end of the day or a weekend when we just get to be home!
We are also super thankful today for all of our friends, out of state and in.  They make our lives so very rich and fun.

What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving day?

November 24, 2010

Amazing and Already In Use

About a week ago Josh and I had a very amazing day.
 Our kitchen counter top was installed.  It took the guys just under 5 hours and looks amazing.  I find great joy in running my hand over the smooth top, cleaning its surface, rolling out pie crusts and spreading out the mixing bowl, cook book and ingredients all in the same place as I cook.
To add to all that wonder, Josh has also installed our new kitchen faucet and hooked up the water and plumbing.  The other day I had my really first cooking day in the kitchen with pie, cookies and dinner coming together.  And you know what, at the end I had no dishes because I could wash them as I cooked.  I am so thankful to no longer have to time things just right to run downstairs with my dish bucket to wash during the 12 minutes cookies are in the oven or such.   Oh the wonder of washing a measuring cup and using it more than once as I cook.  I could get used to this! 

No Baby, Just A Lot of Freezing Rain

Sorry there has been such a lack of blog posts this week.  Fairbanks has been going through some really strange weather that has caused all State offices to be closed as well as Josh's office due to a lot of ice on the roads.  After taking a hour and a half to drive 7 miles and then turn around and thankfully make it home Monday morning, Josh and I have been closed in at home enjoying the gift of a few days off.  

Today State offices are still closed but we made it into town, earlier than needed to beat any traffic that might be out, so Josh can work and Abigail can have her weekly appointment.

Hopefully there will be some news on baby front soon.  

November 19, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  I got to "see" Abigail with the ultrasound this week.  Amazing.
2.  My dad, who hates winter, showed up in Fairbanks Wednesday night to surprise mother and I and to hopefully be here for Abigail's birth.  Tomorrow is his birthday and his is hoping she will join him in celebrating that day, we will have to just wait and see.
3.  Heather and Kevin had their big mid-pregnancy ultrasound on Monday and I was invited along.  It was so fun to finally see Baby Riley.  Can't wait to hold the baby this spring.
4.  Even though Josh isn't better, he is on the mend and we have enjoyed evenings of relaxing this week!
5.  39 weeks folks, oh yeah, 39 weeks.

A Shower for Abigail

Earlier this month my girl friends and mother threw Abigail an amazing baby shower.
 It was a pink, girly, baby afternoon.
Abigail was gifted with amazing presents, decorations and lots of new books to read.
But more than that Abigail and I were LOVED from the moment the shower was proposed earlier this summer all the way through the preparations, decorations, and celebrations.
It was so fun to have all of my friends come and join in the celebration, games and fellowship that we had all in one afternoon.
With all that Abigail was given she is one lucky girl and her nursery is just about done, can't wait to show you pictures of that.
How special it was to be blessed so much.  Here are the list of friends that made this all happen:
Claudia, Laura, Me, Mother, Nicole, Ashley and Heather (the main planner). 
Mother also put up a post about the shower yesterday on her blog.  Check that out to see more of the fun times that were had.  Thank you all for the love and blessing you are to me and to Abigail already.

November 17, 2010

One of Those Weeks

This week has been one of those weeks where best laid plans have been put aside to just go with the flow of what actually is happening.  

Saturday night Josh's, "I am not feeling great" comments really came to reality with a full blown head cold.  With some pretty weird feelings myself and the start of off and on contractions for me we decided to spend Sunday in our relaxing clothes taking full advantage of our new furniture.  What an amazing day.  It was a good reminder that we need to stop and relax once and awhile and how much our bodies need that.

Monday lead into the work week and Josh spend a 10 hour day outside in the snow doing ground water sampling.  After work he rushed home to continue to work on our maple counter top as thoughts of Abigail's arrival is becoming much more of a reality.  The combination really set him back on his recovery and yesterday he left work early to go home and crash.  Today I was able to leave for work with Josh still snug in bed getting as much sleep as possible.  We are so thankful he can take a sick day and get better, 100% better.

I just finished up my weekly appointment with the doctor for Abigail and things are going great on this end.  Progressing as they should with a "you are right on schedule" report and a great review on Abigail's size and heartbeat.  The best part was that the dr. wanted to confirm that Abigail was head down and we did a quick 2 minute ultrasound.  Since I haven't "seen" her since the first week of July it was wonderful to get a look at her beautiful face, healthy spine and active heart today.  What a blessing it was.  The doctor even commented that she could see hair.  So it doesn't look like we will be having a bald baby at all!

So, sorry for no pictures.  Blog time, pictures and the camera have all been separated for the most part but I have a ton.  Lots going on that I can't wait to show you.  Hopefully tomorrow that will work out.  Have a great day!

November 16, 2010

Building A Threshold

In building our own home we have found that there are a lot of pieces of a house that are just there and most people don't give thought to them.
 But when you put that house together yourself you have to think of these fine details, such as thresholds.
 We needed one for our big relight door after the flooring went in and Josh used this piece of wood, Ipe an African Hardwood, that he had gotten from his dad several years ago.
 Josh's creative mind cut, sanded and smoothed this piece of wood into just what we needed it to be.
A Threshold to walk over, admire, hold out the cold and make this part of the house just that much more "done."

November 15, 2010

This weekend was a long one for Kathleen and I. Friday morning the installers came with our kitchen counter and set it in place.  Both of us stayed home untill it was installed, then it was off to work for a few hours.  Projects on the house are progressing quickly now that Abigail is nearly here.  it feels like the last week of school and finals are coming and everything needs to be finished before thanksgiving or else it will be to late. 

On saturday, the Klynstra houshold hunkered down for a day of working in the house and cleaning.  Mother stayed the night Friday, and graciously dug right in and cleaned most of the house while I played with wood and clamps in the basement. And when the sun went down and the snow started falling again, we had a wonderful time hosting a group of our good friends for a 'game night' that had no games. We just chatted and had some great snacks and laughs, and enjoyed our new couches. 

Unfortunately, I have no pictures. You will have to wait for Kathleen to share those at a later time.

November 11, 2010

Project for Abigail

Way back, near the beginning of summer, I saw an idea of something really pretty that I tucked aside for when the time was right.
 It was a project for Abigail's nursery that distant day when we were finally to that point of preparations.
 And now that fall/winter is here, and even though the house work is still going strong, it was time to work on this little side project.

 A project that had Abigail's father spending an evening gluing little flowers onto wire. What a lucky little lady she already is!

All to create some pretty things to hang over her crib for her to look at and admire over the next few months as she grows. Abigail, we are pretty much ready for you, when will you arrive?

November 10, 2010

Working on a Kitchen

We are now on the count down to when our brand new counter top is going to be installed in our kitchen.
 With the counter top comes a few projects that Josh has to finish beforehand.
 The main one being, installing the maple wood that the back splash will attach to and design the raised bar portion of our kitchen.  Once looking into it we had previously determined that it was much better to have Josh build the raised bar than to have it be made out of our counter top material.
So these past few days have seen a lot of cutting, designing, and building of amazing new things.  Right now what you see is about what will need to be in place for the counter top to be installed but Josh is working hard so once that is in place he will have all the parts ready for the raised bar to be installed as well.

November 9, 2010

Our "Big" Purchase

 The new flooring in our house has made our living room/dining room area look more like a home, less like a construction zone.
 Thus, it was time for us to make our first "house" purchase that wasn't really construction supplies.
 And after several trips to the different furniture stores in town we found "our" new addition to our home.
A beautiful new couch and love seat.  Oh, let me tell you, it is wonderful to have somewhere to sit besides the kitchen chairs or floor, which I am having more trouble getting up off of more and more these days.  So with Abigail coming, family and friends coming to visit, and Christmas just around the corner we are super excited to show your our "big" purchase that we can't wait to go home and relax on tonight!

November 8, 2010

Role of a Father

Things around the Klynstra house are getting exciting as we are settling into the hurry up and wait mode for Baby Abigail.  And with all of the hurry portion of that statement comes a lot of the last minute getting ready things on our lists.
One of the main portion of those lists is assemble this and that.  Such as this new swing Josh's aunt sent Abigail.  Josh has been amazing and has done a wonderful job at putting together all sorts of things.  The crib, pack n' play, swing and bouncy seat.  What a great father he already is.

November 5, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  Abigail's baby shower was this past weekend.  It was an amazing afternoon of being truly blessed and loved.  Pictures coming soon.
2.  The floor was laid.  Pretty amazing to walk through our house now.
3.  Josh and I made a pretty big purchase for the house this week, well big to us.  It is on order but as soon as it comes in I will let you know.  Super excited.
4.  Abigail's weekly appointment let us know she is doing great, growing and getting ready for her big day in just a few weeks.  But I am sure her parents are just a little more excited to meet her.  Not long now, today is 37 weeks.  We are officially 9 months pregnant and she is "full term".

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

November 4, 2010

Day Two and Three - It looks like a Real House

Soon the flooring in the living room was done, furniture was moved back in and the boys moved on.
 Next up was the kitchen area.
 Here the fridge and oven had to be moved as the flooring was fit in around the kitchen cabinets.
 The flooring was laid into the pantry, the stairs to the basement, the linen closet and the space between the bathroom and guest room.
 Before I knew it, I know the boys were very aware, the flooring was done and it looked amazing.
Now we just are waiting on our counter top to finish being made, delivered and installed and we will have mostly a finished kitchen/living room.  Amazing.

November 3, 2010

Day One - The Living Room

After the great room was all cleared out and the carpet picked up it was time to start the flooring.
 The flooring we bought was laminent flooring made out of  Hawaiian Koa with a cherry finish wood.
 The sub-floor Josh picked helps with noise, smoothing the floor and making it a little softer to walk on.
 The grain of the wood is amazing, dark and light blended together that looks great with the handrail Josh built out of black walnut and at the same time the light maple color of our kitchen cabinets.
Each row was laid one at a time and for each row Josh would have to run to the basement to make the cut to fit in the last piece.  A tiring process for sure but amazing progress was being made!

November 2, 2010

Project for Abigail

With all of the work going on in the house Josh has been super busy.  And where I am not able to help install flooring these days I have been busy in the sewing room getting last minute things ready for Abigail.
A few weeks ago I sewed her curtains, sorry I haven't shown you those yet I didn't take pictures, but this past weekend it was time to work on her crib's bumper pad.  Josh and I picked out to different fabrics for her bumper pad and I wasn't sure how it was going to work out but we figured it was worth a shot.
The project over all was not super hard but did involve a lot of cutting and then hand sewing the bottoms of each section.
But in the end we think it turned out just great.  We love how the two colors look and how you see the pink from the outside but she will have all of the pink flowers on the green background to look at from the inside of the crib.  The ribbon ties look great and hold a real secure bow so the pad itself is securely in place.  One more step in being ready for our little girl.

November 1, 2010

Getting Ready

Last Thursday I showed you pictures of scaffolding in my living room 
 There for the purpose of putting trim around the big windows.  But over the weekend the scaffolding was moved on out as the next project was about to be started.
We bought our flooring back at the end of August and it arrived in Fairbanks at the end of September but life had been just a little too busy for us to get to it just yet.  But this past weekend was a pretty open one for Josh so the time was right.
 But first the old carpet had to be cut up.
The living room emptied of what it held
And the carpet and pad had to be rolled up and thrown out.
All to make space for the new flooring
And sub-flooring that was soon to be laid.
Oh the changes that are a coming...

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