October 26, 2010

A Yearly Tradition & 7 Years

Josh and I first met through United Campus Ministry at UAF when Josh was finishing up his bachelor's degree in Chemistry and I was starting my master's degree in Geology.  One of the first things that really stands out in our relationship was the first UCM fall fundraiser dinner that we attended together, 8 years ago.  The annual dinner was this past Saturday and we haven't missed going to one together yet.  It is such a fun time and a great way to remember our beginnings.  This year Mother and Heather attended with us.
Today, October 26th, marks 7 years since we started dating.  And look how things have changed.  We are married, building a house and so super close to meeting our daughter, we can't wait.  And it all started at at the UCM fundraiser dinner those 8 years ago.  Can't wait to see how things will look 8 years from now. 


mother said...

We had a nice time together, didn't we? UCM has certainly had a great influence in your lives and I hope it always will.

Anonymous said...

I like Josh's glasses.

heath said...

I love the mushy stuff...it's wonderful...BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GOODNESS WE WON???? Surely that was worthy of a sentence??? hehe

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