October 13, 2010

With winter setting in and the first permanent snow accumulation here, projects on the house and the yard have pretty much stopped.  The list of projects that need to be done prior to Abigail's arrival is still long. That means this weekend will be a long one.  Hopefully this coming weekend we will finish eating this years tomatoes and move the buckets to the shed; that means the flooring for the kitchen and living room will be installed shortly. Work is also picking up speed as the 'fall' sampling season has started. That means I get to enjoy all the wonderful snow all day long.  Kathleen just finished battling another migraine. she is back on her feet again which means there will also be pictures with the next post.  Oh, and I 'finally', which will make Kathleen happy, started the driftwood night stands for the guest room.  Not significant progress, but at least there is some sawdust and scraps to show I've at least made an effort.


mother said...

Neat to get a blog post from YOUR perspective, Josh. Can I get to see those tables you have begun? your workshop is so warm and bright and I know amazing things are going to come out of it!

heath said...

yay---a Josh post!