October 21, 2010

A Tomato and Carrot Kind of Day

The other day Josh and I used our new kitchen to work on preserving more of our garden produce that we had been enjoying fresh.
Even though the carrots had been keeping well in their bin we wanted to avoid any chance of them spoiling.  So Josh got on the job of washing each and every carrot before we sliced them up to be blanched. 
While Josh worked on the carrot cleaning I worked on preserving the many tomatoes our inside plants were producing. 
Even though we don't have our "official" counter top it is such a joy to work side by side in our new kitchen. 
A place where lots of good things have already been created. 
And foods have been preserved for the cold winter month ahead.


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Abigail will get to eat these veggies someday probably!!! that's amazing!