October 15, 2010

Something Old is New for Us

I grew up in an old house in upstate New York, a Craftsman style house built in the 1920's.
My parents moved from that house in the fall of 2004 to sunny Texas and a newly built home.  But before they left they took a few of the old storm windows that had previously been replaced as memories.  When mother drove up to Alaska in June she brought my window with her. 
I unwrapped it the other day and cleaned it up and fell in love.  Meanwhile I have also been looking for something to hang in our bathroom that wouldn't be affected by moisture.  The need for something on the wall and this old window from New York were the perfect combination.  Josh and a friend had a great suggestion of putting mirror glass behind the window to spice up the look but for now I just love how this looks in our brown bathroom.  A little bit of New York history for our new Alaskan home.


heather said...

I look forward to seeing this in person..what a creative idea my friend and how nice to have a piece of your first home in your new home!

Anonymous said...

It just thrills me to see part of our good old (very old) house hanging in yours. History and heritage are to be appreciated and I am so glad you do yours. Looks so perfect there!

Tammy said...

love the window! I have also seen this displayed with dried flowers...cute.