October 1, 2010

Projects for Abigail

Among all of the projects going on around the house we have a little bit of this and that that we find ourselves working on.  The fun projects for our little girl that are less "house" oriented and more "fun" oriented.
 One such project is paintings for Abigail's nursery walls.  I had an idea and my artist of a husband has gone with it and has gotten this about 1/2 done so far.  It looks great and I can't wait to show you the final results someday soon.
Another project is this little rocking chair.  Found at the transfer site 2 years ago I stored it away for the someday.  Josh has had to replace a few dowels, reglued most of the joints and sanded it all down.  Next he took the time to prime the entire chair.  This step is now done and as Josh has time it will get a new coat of paint before moving into Abigail's future room.  Just fun little things that fill our time.


hxriley said...

Can't wait to see the 'art'...i didn't know your husband was a 'painting' artist....i'm not surprised though ;)
the rocking chair is SO CUTE!

mother said...

I see that Josh is using the little plastic divided container I brought home for him. I KNEW he'd find a use for that! The rocking chair is adorable. What color will it be?