October 11, 2010

Project for Abigail

The other day Josh and I were in the store so that I could pick out fabric for Abigail's diaper bag.
 As I was looking at cute fabric with flowers I commented to Josh that whatever we picked he needed to be willing to carry it when the times came that I needed help.  Thus we left the flower fabric behind and finally purchased the brown and blue fabrics you see above. 
 I had found a cute pattern online but I have to admit it stretched me a little as I am not used to following patterns and have yet to sew things involving interfacing, a magnetic snap, tucks and lining.
 But step by step I moved through the pattern feeling a little better as things went along.  This picture is of the inside of the bag where I made 6 different sized pockets for things we needed to put in the bag for Abigail.
And at last I finished Abigail's bag and I think it looks great.  Plus now that I have had one go at the pattern I can always make another one out of flower fabric for when Abigail and I our out and about.  But this bag will work perfectly when Josh is with us and we are a family of three!


heath said...

IT'S SO CUTE!! and perfect!! Great job Kathleen...you have so many talents...

Anonymous said...

cute!cute! you are so handy! carol e

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