October 28, 2010

More Changes in the Living Room

There are more changes going on in the main portion of the Klynstra household.
 Now that the tomatoes are gone we are getting ready for flooring.
 But before we lay our new flooring, we wanted to do a little necessary work with scaffolding. We didn't want to lay the flooring and THEN bring in the scaffolding when it could possibly scratch the new floor.
 But wait, there are two guys working in these pictures.
 That is because Josh's brother is up visiting us for the week.  His job in Healy is done for the year and he has a few days before his flight home.  Good timing for us.
 It has been great for Josh to have extra help moving things all around since, due to my ever growing midsection, I am not a ton of help with these types of things these days. But I can still make dinner for the workers for sure!
 So, what is the scaffolding and all of this work for? 
It is so Josh can reach the tops and edges of our big beautiful windows to put up trim.  Matt has helped while we are at work with the painting and then Josh and Matt were able to put it into place last night.  Next step, putty the holes and one last touch up of paint.  Then folks, the scaffolding will come down and our next project will be the flooring.  Can't wait to show you pictures of that!


heath said...

Yay! Those Klynstra men are great! Can't wait to see the new-ness!

lindajo said...

It is so wonderful to see the progress. Love the contrast of white and yellow. Also seeing Matt and Josh working together is great. Love Matts beard.

Anonymous said...

As if the scaffolding isn't high enough, josh had to put a ladder on top of that! Why is he not afraid of heights at all- I would have to sing a really high pitch song the whole time I was up that high to try and distract myself from my fear...