October 7, 2010

The Klynstra Kitchen

I know I have shown you pictures of the kitchen in pieces, but I thought today you might like an bigger view.
 Here is the view from the bottom of the stairs.  The lazy Susan door has since been fitted into place.
 Here is the view from the basement door, a temporary counter top has also since been added after the installer came out and templated our cabinets for our very own, permanent, counter top.  The area where the trash and dish bucket is is where our dishwasher will soon be.  After we get one of course.
 I mentioned the other day how instead of two corner cabinets we just faced this one out into the living room to be filled with more living room type items for our family.  And with that you can probably guess that this is the view of the kitchen from the living room, or tomato plants, however you want to describe that portion of our house these days.
And the best part of a new kitchen is the pile of empty boxes that are just starting around here.  These pots and rice cooker have been in their boxes ever since we moved out of our apartment three and a half years ago.  How wonderful to now get to throw (recycle) those boxes today.  More unpacking and filling of cabinets will come soon.


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The cabinets look great!