October 4, 2010

The Building of a Kitchen

Josh's dad and brother are working in Denali this summer on a construction job.  They work 6 days a week with only Sundays off.  But last week they were willing to drive up to Fairbanks after work on Saturday to help Josh put our kitchen together on Sunday morning.
 So if you remember the post from last Thursday where our kitchen was in pieces around the living room you can now see how they were all mounted into place.
 After the last "temporary" cabinet was moved out the walls were washed, floor vacuumed and stove removed to make room for the boys to work.
 They started with all of our wall cabinets.
 And soon were moving on to the base cabinets, making sure they were all level with the use of Dad's great laser level.
 The one random white cabinet does have a story but the bottom line is once the drawers are in you can't even tell it is white so this is will the one chance you all get to see our one odd ball.
Josh put all the upper doors on and then Matt worked on putting all the knobs and pulls into place.  Sadly the pulls needed washers since the holes were pre-drilled too deep but Matt did get the knobs on the wall cabinets and they looked great.  Josh and I tackled the drawer pulls another night after a run to our faithful Home Depot.
 Since the kitchen is open to the living room a pony wall had to be build to back the cabinets that faced into the living room.  This is the "we are deep in thought" picture of the project that day.
 But with three smart construction minds they figured out the issues in no time and the wall started to come together.  We opted not to have two corner cabinets (the cabinet in the other corner is a easy reach corner one with a lazy susan) and so for this corner we had purchased a cabinet that instead of facing into the kitchen it faces out into the living room.  Should be great for things like table clothes, candles or living room stuff like games.  We will have to just wait and see what the family needs.
And then last thing before the boys left they moved my "temporary" cabinets out of the house for good.  I put this picture in to show you just how it was done.  Josh's dad and brother upstairs with the rope and my husband outside one story down catching the cabinet.  Oh yeah, I am happy that ordeal is over and he is all intact!  Stay tuned for more kitchen updates soon.


Anonymous said...

kathleen and josh, looking good!it is so great to watch your progress. carol e

mother said...

The kitchen looks
wonderful and AMAZING!!!!!!!!

hxriley said...

ohhhhhhhh, how pretty!!!!! Great work Klynstra men! (Kathleen--you too b/c i know you helped put those cabinets together...and fed those men!)