September 30, 2010


The other day this is what our living room looked like:
  Tomato plants, kitchen table, rocking chair and boxes of cabinets.
 But in order to put the cabinets together we needed to clear the space out just a little bit.
 And then the construction of the cabinets began
 And we moved one of my temporary cabinets off to the side while we still had the room and kept on going.
 After all the base cabinets were together we started putting the wall cabinets together and Zeke fell in love with all of the nooks and crannies he now had to hide in.
But he wouldn't have those for long since help was a coming and these stacks of cabinets were soon going to be put together to create our kitchen!!

September 29, 2010

A View From Above

The other day Josh climbed up on the roof and took a few pictures of the yard in the fall from a more aerial view.
 The garden, mostly harvested
 A load of Abigail's clothes being aired out before winter.
 The southern portion of the yard back behind the woodshed.  Down where the potato patch will be next year.
Our flower bed/rhubarb bed that sits between the parking area and the house.

I love how these pictures give me a different view of what I see each day.  That an it is a good reminder of what it looks like without snow.  This morning it was 17 degrees on our drive to town and we had our first snow flurries yesterday.  Nothing is sticking yet but winter is not far off for sure.

September 28, 2010

Project for Abigail

There are many things going on here at the Klynstra home but we can really start to see that Abigail's arrival is going to be sooner rather than later as I start to grow rounder and rounder.
 So the other day we realized it was necessary to start work on the sewing room to make it into Abigail's future nursery.  The first thing that needed to be done was baseboard trim.
 We cleared the entire room out and Josh measured the base trim, painted it and fit it all into place.  He also put up the trim on the inside of the closet in order to install the closet doors.  In the closet he also hung an extra clothes dowel and installed the light, sorry I didn't get a picture of the closet for you but it is still full of sewing supplies that need moved.
 The next step in the transformation was the crown molding
 And then switching out the main light for a new ceiling fan.
As for the prep work all that was left was the trim around the doors and window.  But we would have to do a Home Depot run for those supplies so it was time to start moving things back into the room.  For now, a few days later, we are on to different projects in the house but this one will continue until Abigail's room is all set for her arrival in 8 weeks, give or take some time.

September 24, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  The Alaska PFD was announced this week, oh yeah...we are going to order our counter top.
2.  We started putting cabinets together, more on that next week.
3.  Josh and I are going on an adventure tonight.
4.  Even though the leaves are all falling, it is still sunny and not yet winter.

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

Life of A Work Shop Rabbit

When you are a little rabbit and your home is now a woodworking shop life can be rough.  Things are always changing and sometimes the only place to hide away in is the bottom of a router table. 

September 23, 2010

Day in the Life of Josh

I thought today I would show you just a few pictures of what Josh does and sees each day that he is at his employment, aka he calls his real job working on the house. 
Josh is a Chemist working for an Environmental Consulting Company.  A lot of what he does is collecting and testing ground water samples for contaminates.  All of his companies contracts are through the Army CORP of Engineers and take place on military bases, here in Fairbanks and around the state.  Thus while Josh is working he gets to see helicopters, fighter jets, ground crews and such training.  This picture was taken one day when Josh was testing next to the airfield and was able to see first hand this huge cargo plane get filled with black hawks ready for Afghanistan.
But back to the chemistry...Josh works on monitoring the contaminants that want to flow into the rivers around Fairbanks
And this is one of the hundreds of ground water wells that Josh collects samples from to test the movement of contaminants through the soil.  This one in particular is a soil vapor probe.
But after years of monitoring contaminant flows sometimes the wells can be closed down (decommissioned) and the area can be declared safe once again.

I am so proud of Josh and all he does.  Plus his job lets him be outside a lot, that is nice, at least in the summer in the winter at -40 or so I am ok with my inside job.

September 22, 2010

Something New in the Kitchen

Last week we needed to bring an appetizer type snack to our small group meeting.
I really don't have a favorite appetizer but started brain storming about what we could bring.
And then found a recipe for homemade pigs in a blanket.
Not only were they fun to make and were super cute but they were a hit as well. 

September 21, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes

The other night before mother headed back to Texas for a little vacation we drove up to the top of Ester Dome to see the sun set.  Reminded me of last year and when I looked at the pictures I smiled at the changes a year can bring.
Ester Dome Fall of 2009
Ester Dome Fall 2010
What a lot of changes little Abigail is going to bring.

A Kitchen In A Box

Right now part of my living room is filled with boxes
Boxes of Kitchen Cabinets
But this is the week folks.  We are now ready to start putting these together.  Help is coming in this weekend to install these into the permanent kitchen space so each weekend Josh and I are putting front panels, side panels and such all together.  Check back soon to see the progress.

September 20, 2010

Harvest Time

Thoughts regarding our garden from this summer and plans for next year:

Lettuce planted in the salad bowl type of way is great, no room for weeds!
Next year we will have two rows of pea plants with supports on both sides.
Onions were a fun try but if we do this again plant them deeper and closer together.  It was fun to have onions in the fall but to also have the green chive tops all summer for salads, pizzas and casseroles.
Try a different type of radishes.

It was super fun to have a garden bunny to keep us company our hours in the garden
Remember not to put the different types of tomato plants next to each other, cross pollination between a big beef tomato and a cherry tomato causes weird results.

Being in the second trimester of pregnancy during the summer months is great. I love that I was able to plant, weed, water, fertilize and over all work in the garden all summer with no problem. Harvesting and the last little bit of the year was just a bit more difficult. Bending over on my hands and knees is a little harder each day and Abigail's hard kicks when I do remind me that I am not the only one who doesn't enjoy doing that position as easily these days.
Plant a lot more green beans. We love us some green beans.
(This is the new compost bin Josh built in the lower portion of the yard and where I put all of the garden that I pulled up)
Next year plant the potatoes in the lower portion of the yard that we are already calling the Potato patch.
Even though we had a great carrot harvest this year we are already dreaming of more next year.
Remember to plant double the amount of carrot seeds planted.
Don't bother with Bok Choy, it went to seed super fast.
Doing starts inside from seeds worked out great and is definitely worth the effort. Next time start the zucchini plants from seed.
Overall this year was a great garden year.  It was super fun to see our dream of a garden in our yard become reality.  It is so much fun to watch things grow each and every day.  We are already dreaming of next spring.

September 17, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  We had a great doctor's appointment for Abigail this week.  She is growing well, heart beat is great and we are counting the days until we get to meet her.
2.  Our main floor flooring came in this week.  It was fun to pick up and have it stored at home waiting for the kitchen cabinets to be installed.
3.  We harvested the garden in beautiful fall weather, more to come on this next week.
4.  We recently had a small issue with our car but it is being fixed this week.  Yeah for a rear window to see out of.  It will make me much more confident with my backing up skills again.

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

The Sky Was on Fire

The other day this is what Josh and I woke up to.
The picture doesn't even do it justice since it doesn't capture the yellow and orange leaves on all of the birch trees but the combination of those leaves and the amazing sunrise made the sky appear to be on fire, for 10 minutes at least.  The days are getting shorter and shorter and winter is going to be coming soon.

September 16, 2010

Almost There, A Project for Abigail

Back in July I showed you in this post our garage sale dresser that Josh and I sanded down and painted white for the laundry room.
But I also showed you this other garage sale dresser that needed to be worked on.
This is an Ethan Allen dresser I found at a garage sale three years ago for $20.  Over the past few years it has been in our bedroom 1/2 empty as we had such a great closet we really didn't need it.  So I reorganized our closet cubbies to fit the rest of our things and moved this dresser into the shed for a face lift and reworking to make this into a dresser and changing table for the future nursery.
Ever since then "sand the dresser" has been on my to do list each and every week.  Josh helped me out by using his woodworking scrapers to removed the really thick varnish from the flat portions (a lot of the dresser) and thus saved me hours of sanding.
But then I jumped in with the circular sander for the large flat areas and drawers and hand sand paper for the edges and fancy areas.  While in the shed I used a course grain sand paper and went to work cleaning up the areas Josh had started for me.
Finally the entire dresser and all of the drawer faces (9 total) were ready to be moved inside to Josh's new workshop.  There Josh had us use 3 additional levels of sand paper, but not as much work, to slowly made the maple wood of the dresser start to really look smooth and amazing.  The last sand paper was so fine it felt silky but it too had a purpose of getting rid of the sanding grooves from the previous sandings.
So this is what we started with....
And this is what we are looking at now.
Josh is just finishing putting the last coats of polyurethane on to seal it up.  I am in Love!  I can't believe anyone would cover this beautiful wood up with the varnish it had had on it for years but I guess that used to be the style.  Soon I will get to show you pictures of the finished dresser, with the hardware in place, all set up in Abigail's nursery.  And finally "sand dresser" is no longer on my to do list.  As great as the outcome of finishing furniture is, two dressers in one summer is plenty enough for me.

September 15, 2010

Making a Normal Pantry Amazing

Yesterday I gave you the first look at our new kitchen pantry that Josh built for me.  But it was missing a few important things.
In order to make this kitchen pantry amazing Josh built 5 different sized drawers to fit into that middle space between all of the shelves.
The lower three drawers are built for canned goods (with very good drawer pulls that can hold the weight), the wide upper one was built for baking things that are hard to put on shelves like brown sugar, chocolate chips and such, and the very top one I am using for extra spices and other bag items.  Mother helped me load the drawers up and came up with the idea to label the top of each can so I could know what I was pulling out without having to lift various ones to find what I needed.  All in all the pantry is amazing and is working great.  It is so much fun to have all of our things is one spot (the temporary food cabinet is completely empty) and all organized.  Now the work on the kitchen can begin.

September 14, 2010

The Story of A Pantry

The other day I mentioned that our Design team was busy planning our official kitchen pantry design.
And now that the basement was all set up as Josh's workshop the pantry became the main focus.
First thing we did was clear out all that had been stored there "temporarily" and Josh installed a light.
Next the shelves started to arrive.
The design was for three separate shelf sections so that it was easier to keep track of things.  Everyone hates the missing box or can of whatever and we figured this way I could prevent that as often as possible.
As I mentioned in the design post, each shelf was built to fit the dimensions of certain things like cereal, pasta, canned goods and such.
And there was even room on top for bulk items.
After Josh was done I was able to go in and fill her up.  Some fun points:  Room for my bins on the bottom, special space for home canned goods on the right, the dishes are just in the pantry until I get kitchen cabinets and the biggest point...there is a large empty space in the middle.  That is because this pantry was designed very special and there was another big step that had to be built to make it complete.  Check back tomorrow see just what Josh did.

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