July 15, 2010

The Work Goes Super High

The past few days Josh has been working very hard on siding for the front of the house.
I was able to help him out by cutting the pieces he needed to fit everything into place.  But has he got higher and higher it was harder for me to climb up for him to climb down for each piece so Josh put together a bucket system we could use to transport siding pieces, tools, ropes and other necessary items.
As the work got higher on the house the pieces of siding that had to be put into place got a little more complicated.  Especially the right side that would require the right side of the siding to have a 6/12 angle for the roof and a 45 degree angle for the roof.
But Josh was persistent and the work kept going until Josh had reached all he could with the scaffolding that he had.
So from there Josh hauled a ladder to put on top of the scaffolding to reach the highest peak.  Since these pictures were taken Josh has finished all of the siding and the soffit for the very front, minus the arctic entry portion.  Last night he finished painting the trim around the great windows and then he washed the windows!  The view inside just got a 100 times better!  Now he is taking the scaffolding down to move to another area of the house and I will be able to get a good picture for you of just how beautiful the front of our house now looks.

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hxriley said...

oh the suspense!!! man! it's looking amazing!! I LOVE IT~!!!

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