July 29, 2010

What A Sight

When my mother drove up from Texas earlier this summer she brought with her a bunch of small clothes originally worn by her a long time ago and by my brother, sister and I a bit ago as well.
The other day I was able to sort out the boy's clothes and wash the little girl clothes and hang them out in the sun to freshen them up.  I pray that the sight of little clothes will grace our clothes lines for years to come and the joy I felt the other day will always fill me up each time I get to see them!


carol e said...

oh, kathleeen, how precious that your mother saved all those baby clothes! so glad you are feeling good during this pregnancy. love, carol e

mother said...

This is a precious sight. I have nothing but fond memories of time spent at my clothesline. And to think that some of the same wee things that hung on mine many years ago are now on yours. Well, makes my heart glad.

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