July 2, 2010

Time Takers

When you comment to people that you are siding your house a lot of people will say, oh it goes so fast.  I do agree that on the wide open spaces it moves pretty fast but there are a lot of time takers, things that slow a project down, like J-trim around the 8" bathroom vent.  And Scaffolding.
Josh and his dad are so very patient but it takes a lot to work on an area and then patiently take all of the scaffolding down.
Move the scaffolding, reset it up, dig out areas and build areas of the dirt up to keep it all level, and then build it high once again.  Then we can get back to the "fast" portion of the siding once again.  I am so thankful for these patient men who don't get frustrated at just high our beautiful house is!


mother said...

The moving of the scaffold is truly a BIG DEAL. I have seen it in action. And all must be completely stabilized on wood blocks, in holes, and on tree stumps. whew!! After all that, the scary monkey climbing over, around and thru begins. And lots of prayer from us on the ground.

hxriley said...

They are amazing....and brave! too high for me!