July 6, 2010

See Our House Turn Green

The weather recently has been rainy, super rainy, which makes it really hard to side the house but the boys have persisted!!
After all but two pieces of the far side of the house was done the scaffolding was moved around to the back.  While Josh and I were at work Josh's dad worked at siding the entire back portion of the house.  Josh and I walked around the road to see our house from the back last night and it looks so good tucked into among the big birch trees now, no big white tyvek box!
Finally, it was time to start doing the portion of the house visible to most of our guests from our driveway.
And so the progress continues...Josh's dad had to head back home and to work on Sunday but we are still plugging along and there is still tons to show you that was accomplished before he left!  Oh, how fun to turn our house green.

1 comment:

hxriley said...

how wonderful!! it's looking amazing..and maybe by the time i'm reading this it's done??? the guys did such an amazing job...

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