July 20, 2010

One Down, One to Go

I commented the other day that we had finished our dresser refinishing and moved it into the laundry room.
Here is the finished result with all of the hardware on.  We are super excited with how it looks.  I think to protect the paint job on the very top we will put a thin layer of sealant but over all it is done and ready to fill when we need!  The great thing is that the dresser was a gift from a garage sale and all of the other supplies we already had (sand paper, paint and hardware) so for $0 we have a beautiful new dresser for our home.
While we are enjoying our beautiful new white dresser I rearranged our closet and completely emptied the other garage sale Ethan Allen dresser that had been in our room.  This has now been moved to the shed and is waiting its turn to be refinished.

The plan for this dresser is to sand it down and just put a clear stain on it to go with the natural wood look of the other nursery furniture.  This dresser will become Abigail's dresser and changing table.  Like before, the sanding is slow going but when there is more progress to see I will give you an update.  Until then, we will get back to siding.


lindajo said...

Kathleen, this turned out so beautiful, good job!

Anonymous said...

very impressive!


hxriley said...

Wow! i'm very impressed...this dresser looks beautiful! way to turn something old into something new again. so very thrifty and talented!

mother said...

The dresser looks stunning-especially against the dark red wall. (Do you call that red?) Really came out super. Good job!!!

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