July 9, 2010

On A Rainy Day

Josh's parents recently put new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom of their house and when they had extra they gave us a call.
Their new flooring was a brown marble and when they asked if we could use the extra I instantly through of our brown bathroom that right now as only OSB as the flooring.

And so when they offered us the extra we were super excited, but then the deal got even better when Josh's dad showed up with the new tile to put the new flooring down for us!
So one rainy night the boys took a break from siding the house and emptied out the bathroom of everything they could.  The main bathroom vanity had the plumbing holes cut into the bottom with the plumbing running up through the base so it could not be moved out of the bathroom.  Instead the boys figured out that they could lift it about 5 inches and then mount it on the wall in its newly elevated state.
That up Josh and his dad worked on cutting and fitting in the new subfloor, plywood, and then the next morning Josh's dad worked at laying all the new tile.
The lines between the tile are not white, this is a picture of the sealer that was put down to keep moisture out of the cracks but it dried clear.  The final product is amazingly beautiful and looks super good in our bathroom, I am sorry I don't have a completed picture for you to see.  Thank so much mom and dad for sharing your extra tile and to dad for installing it too!!  It feels so good to have just one more piece of the house finished.

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hxriley said...

what a wonderful thing!!!! it looks great and what a blessing to get to use josh's parents extras!!!

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