July 14, 2010

Looking Ahead to What is to Come...

The other night was a very big night for this little Klynstra family.

Baby Klynstra past the 20 week mark

We had a doctor's appointment last week where we heard the heart beat and scheduled our ultrasound.

Unlike some pregnancies we have yet to have an ultrasound.

This was to be our first.

We were finally going to get to see our little baby

So we set the date and we all worked with our individual jobs to clear the time for the appointment at 5pm. 

It was going to be a party with Josh, mother and Heather all joining me to get the first glimpse of our little Baby Klynstra. (mother armed with a blue gift bag and a pink gift bag)

We are so excited to announce that the baby looks amazing.  Its arms, head, legs, hands, feet, heart, kidneys and all are perfect and amazing to us.

And then at the very end of the appointment we found out that we were getting a great image of our BABY GIRL.

Josh and I are very happy to announce that around Thanksgiving time later this year we will be welcoming Abigail Kathleen Klynstra into our family! 


Anonymous said...

kathleen, how wonderful your news of your baby! so excited for you both! carol e.

hxriley said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I'm so happy!

mother said...

I will never ever forget the wonder of sitting there watching little Abigail wiggle around on that big screen. And that tiny heart pumping so vigorously. Truly a miracle. Thank you for sharing that event with me.

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