July 7, 2010

Garden Update

Even though the weather has been cooler and rainy our garden is still growing strong and since my last update was just after everything was planted I thought I would let you see how big and beautiful everything is these days.
We were able to have a salad all from our garden the other night and I plan on making a stir fry tonight with some of my bok choy.
We were very excited to start to see how large everything is getting and the large new blossoms that are showing us how much everything is going to produce.
Mother and I were excited to work on a little weeding the other day but were soon sent inside due to a huge rain storm.  Those pesky weeds will meet their fate soon.

Since Zeke doesn't eat anything green, he just leaves his scent on the plants, we brought him in to run around the fenced in garden with us.  What a silly rabbit we have.  But we are praying for some warm sunny days and all the growth the garden has ahead of it this summer.


hxriley said...

THE GARDEN LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! It's your dream come true...so happy for you kathleen and great work (you, Josh, and momma davis!)

hxriley said...

how are the veggies under the 'greenhouse' doing?

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