July 26, 2010

Enjoying Summer

This summer has certainly been a busy one and Josh and I hadn't yet had the opportunity to go out hiking as much as we had talked about over the cold winter months of last year.
But this summer Josh's dad and brother are both working down in Denali on a construction job so Josh and I made the decision to set the work on the house aside for one day and to go down for a visit and a hike.
We met Josh's dad and brother at the trail head and hiked part of the northern portion of Mt. Healy.  Being as this was the first time hiking a little more pregnant I was amazed at how much of a difference it made.  Trouble catching my breath on the way up and Abigail's head bouncing into my bladder on the way down but it was a wonderful day to be outside and the guys were kind to let me go at my pace.

The wind was a little insane and I feared we would be picked up and thrown off the mountain just a few times but at the "top" we took a rest of get out of the wind and enjoy the view for a little bit.  I need to remember to watch where I sit next time since I now have a blueberry stain on the butt of my pants that doesn't want to come out.  What a wonderful day it was, not super sunny but super nice to be outside, on a mountain with family and fun!


lindajo said...

Awesome pics, thanks for sharing.

hxriley said...

yay!!! i love it! what fun...and abigail's first trip into the park :) hooray!

mother said...

Great pics. I never realized how much taller Darryl was than either of his sons, especially Matt-definitely shorter than the other 2!! I am referring to the first picture of the "Klynstra Men". What a handsome trio.

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