July 13, 2010

The Dresser

A long time ago in this post I told you about one of my "side" projects for the summer.  I have a dresser that needed sanded down and painted.
Well, after a lot of work it was almost there with just a few spots that needed to be sanded so on a slow part of a day mother helped me finish it up.
Josh had done almost all of the flat surfaces with his scrapers but mother and I worked on the smaller beveled areas with sand paper.
Until it was all finished and ready to be repainted, ahh the fun part.
First I primed everything with a nice even coat of wood primer.
Then it was time to paint.  I used the white paint I had bought for the guest room bed refinishing that I did last summer.  Just a few more coats of paint and some new hardware and this dresser will be ready to move inside.  This dresser will temporarily be moved into the laundry room and will house all of my sewing supplies that are currently in the green room, soon to be nursery.  But someday when the basement is finished the sewing area will take up residence in that part of the house.  Lots of changes, lots of progress.  A final picture of the dresser will come soon.

1 comment:

hxriley said...

how perfect! this dresser is going to look amazing!

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