July 30, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  I have been able to sew some this week and it is so fun to be creative again!
2.  I finally finished the hat I talked about last week and it was well received which makes me super happy.  I will post a picture of it soon I hope.
3.  I have managed to go to bed early several nights this week and it has made my days so much better.  I am so thankful for a husband that is willing to let me shut down and to let the house become quiet at 9pm so I can sleep.
4.  We have had a ton of fun in the garden this week!
5.  Worries have been waking me up in the middle of the night but I am so thankful that the days have been ones that let me feel at peace with the future and all that must be done.

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

July 29, 2010

What A Sight

When my mother drove up from Texas earlier this summer she brought with her a bunch of small clothes originally worn by her a long time ago and by my brother, sister and I a bit ago as well.
The other day I was able to sort out the boy's clothes and wash the little girl clothes and hang them out in the sun to freshen them up.  I pray that the sight of little clothes will grace our clothes lines for years to come and the joy I felt the other day will always fill me up each time I get to see them!

July 28, 2010

Now The Summer Will Get Busy

Last Friday, on my day off, I received a call from our wood guy.
His driver had loaded up and was ready to deliver our new shipment of 10 cords of wood we had requested back in March.
When I called Josh to let him know the wood had arrived all he had to say was, "Now the summer will get busy."  I guess you could say that with the siding to finish, the kitchen to put together, yard work, dresser to refinish, nursery to put together, flooring to pick out, garden to work, among a few other things, the wood does add a bit of work to our schedule.  But oh it does keep us nice and warm in the winter!

July 27, 2010

Enjoying the Benefits

Whenever I plant anything I have extreme doubts of whether that particular seed or plant is going to make it.  This year as I planted our first garden at home I really felt that way since so much of what I planted I had started from seedlings inside during the cold winter months.
But now the end of July we are starting to really reap the benefits of having a wonderful garden right outside!
The other night mother and I picked broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, snap peas, swiss chard, green beans and lettuce.  How rich a feeling it was!

July 26, 2010

Enjoying Summer

This summer has certainly been a busy one and Josh and I hadn't yet had the opportunity to go out hiking as much as we had talked about over the cold winter months of last year.
But this summer Josh's dad and brother are both working down in Denali on a construction job so Josh and I made the decision to set the work on the house aside for one day and to go down for a visit and a hike.
We met Josh's dad and brother at the trail head and hiked part of the northern portion of Mt. Healy.  Being as this was the first time hiking a little more pregnant I was amazed at how much of a difference it made.  Trouble catching my breath on the way up and Abigail's head bouncing into my bladder on the way down but it was a wonderful day to be outside and the guys were kind to let me go at my pace.

The wind was a little insane and I feared we would be picked up and thrown off the mountain just a few times but at the "top" we took a rest of get out of the wind and enjoy the view for a little bit.  I need to remember to watch where I sit next time since I now have a blueberry stain on the butt of my pants that doesn't want to come out.  What a wonderful day it was, not super sunny but super nice to be outside, on a mountain with family and fun!

July 23, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  Josh is home from field work
2.  It is my short week at work!!
3.  I have come up with ideas for Christmas gifts and plan on sewing today on my day off work.
4.  I had a great dinner with friends, stuffed shells that were just a little bit of heaven with pretty great company as well!
5.  Getting to have friends over for dinner at our place and just taking time to catch up.

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

July 22, 2010

Knitting Woes

Ever since I started to knit I have dreamed of the day when I would be expecting my own child and could spend 9 months of knitting little hats, blankets, sweaters and such.  But here I am 5 months pregnant and I have been stuck working on an adult hat that I started back in March. 

The pattern looked great, I was excited and got started, then I reached the point where I should start decreasing and I got stuck.  I have knitted and ripped out the top of this hat a ton of times and I can't seem to move on to a different project until I finish this silly hat.

This might seem like a silly problem but I have even dreamed of this hat and the fact that it would end all of my desires to ever knit again.

So today I decided I was just going to do the best I could and finish it.  If the hat turned out terrible I would use it to do yard work and not give it as the present it was originally intended for 4 months ago.

All I can say is I am really ready to bind this one off and cast on with some baby soft knits for some really cute pants I have a pattern for. 

Sometimes having been taught not to give up can really be a pain in the butt and I will have a silly looking hat to prove it, hopefully before long.

July 21, 2010

Coming Along

This pictures was taken this morning from the driveway just to give you and idea of the siding progress.
Josh has finished preparing the area between the roof lines and so soon siding will be filling that space.  All in all it is coming along well with everything else that is suddenly filling our time as well.  Soon, oh very soon, it should be done.

July 20, 2010

One Down, One to Go

I commented the other day that we had finished our dresser refinishing and moved it into the laundry room.
Here is the finished result with all of the hardware on.  We are super excited with how it looks.  I think to protect the paint job on the very top we will put a thin layer of sealant but over all it is done and ready to fill when we need!  The great thing is that the dresser was a gift from a garage sale and all of the other supplies we already had (sand paper, paint and hardware) so for $0 we have a beautiful new dresser for our home.
While we are enjoying our beautiful new white dresser I rearranged our closet and completely emptied the other garage sale Ethan Allen dresser that had been in our room.  This has now been moved to the shed and is waiting its turn to be refinished.

The plan for this dresser is to sand it down and just put a clear stain on it to go with the natural wood look of the other nursery furniture.  This dresser will become Abigail's dresser and changing table.  Like before, the sanding is slow going but when there is more progress to see I will give you an update.  Until then, we will get back to siding.

July 19, 2010

A Weekend

I am so sorry I don't have pictures to show you today of all the work we did this weekend like I usually do.  You see, I didn't work on this house this weekend because guests were in town, Josh was out of town and a lot of girl time with my mother was had.  Amazing how tired I can be on a Monday morning from a non-work weekend.  Sometimes running around town takes more out of me than just being at home.  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  With Josh scheduled to get home from field work tonight we will be back to our old ways soon enough.   

July 16, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  Getting to "see" our baby for the first time
2.  Finding out we are going to have a little girl and now getting to call BK Abigail
3.  Going on a wonderful date with Josh

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

A Date

A few weeks ago Josh heard that the opera Don Giovanni was coming to Fairbanks and he surprised me with tickets for a date night. 
It was very fun to put our work clothes aside for an evening and get all dressed up to enjoy time together over dinner and amazing music.  Before we started our date we stopped by mother's apartment and she took a picture of us all dressed up and ready to be entertained.  What a wonderful evening of fun.  Even baby Abigail loved the opera, she danced around during the entire performance.

July 15, 2010

The Work Goes Super High

The past few days Josh has been working very hard on siding for the front of the house.
I was able to help him out by cutting the pieces he needed to fit everything into place.  But has he got higher and higher it was harder for me to climb up for him to climb down for each piece so Josh put together a bucket system we could use to transport siding pieces, tools, ropes and other necessary items.
As the work got higher on the house the pieces of siding that had to be put into place got a little more complicated.  Especially the right side that would require the right side of the siding to have a 6/12 angle for the roof and a 45 degree angle for the roof.
But Josh was persistent and the work kept going until Josh had reached all he could with the scaffolding that he had.
So from there Josh hauled a ladder to put on top of the scaffolding to reach the highest peak.  Since these pictures were taken Josh has finished all of the siding and the soffit for the very front, minus the arctic entry portion.  Last night he finished painting the trim around the great windows and then he washed the windows!  The view inside just got a 100 times better!  Now he is taking the scaffolding down to move to another area of the house and I will be able to get a good picture for you of just how beautiful the front of our house now looks.

July 14, 2010

Looking Ahead to What is to Come...

The other night was a very big night for this little Klynstra family.

Baby Klynstra past the 20 week mark

We had a doctor's appointment last week where we heard the heart beat and scheduled our ultrasound.

Unlike some pregnancies we have yet to have an ultrasound.

This was to be our first.

We were finally going to get to see our little baby

So we set the date and we all worked with our individual jobs to clear the time for the appointment at 5pm. 

It was going to be a party with Josh, mother and Heather all joining me to get the first glimpse of our little Baby Klynstra. (mother armed with a blue gift bag and a pink gift bag)

We are so excited to announce that the baby looks amazing.  Its arms, head, legs, hands, feet, heart, kidneys and all are perfect and amazing to us.

And then at the very end of the appointment we found out that we were getting a great image of our BABY GIRL.

Josh and I are very happy to announce that around Thanksgiving time later this year we will be welcoming Abigail Kathleen Klynstra into our family! 

July 13, 2010

The Dresser

A long time ago in this post I told you about one of my "side" projects for the summer.  I have a dresser that needed sanded down and painted.
Well, after a lot of work it was almost there with just a few spots that needed to be sanded so on a slow part of a day mother helped me finish it up.
Josh had done almost all of the flat surfaces with his scrapers but mother and I worked on the smaller beveled areas with sand paper.
Until it was all finished and ready to be repainted, ahh the fun part.
First I primed everything with a nice even coat of wood primer.
Then it was time to paint.  I used the white paint I had bought for the guest room bed refinishing that I did last summer.  Just a few more coats of paint and some new hardware and this dresser will be ready to move inside.  This dresser will temporarily be moved into the laundry room and will house all of my sewing supplies that are currently in the green room, soon to be nursery.  But someday when the basement is finished the sewing area will take up residence in that part of the house.  Lots of changes, lots of progress.  A final picture of the dresser will come soon.

July 12, 2010

The Front

I am very excited to announce that the siding project has moved to the front of the house.
This portion of the house has the least amount of siding because of the big door and windows but it has for sure the most prep work.
So on Josh Dad's last day was spent insulating and trimming the outside of our great windows.
Then Josh took over and spent a ton of time putting up J-trim, F-trim and finally some starter strip.
All to get ready for this big change.  Josh has now made it up to just below the great windows and we now have to start cutting angles into each piece to go up along the roof line.  Can't wait to show you the changes soon!

July 9, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  We had one of our regular check ups this week and were able to hear the baby's heart beat going strong.
2.  It is my short week at work, super short since Monday was a holiday, I am happy!
3.  A lot is being done on the house right now but Josh and I were able to relax a little the other night too, it was so nice to enjoy a nice summer evening.
4.  Josh and I went on a walk one night and saw our house from behind now that the siding is up and it looks super good!
5.  I got a super fun care package in the mail for me and for BK.  Thanks Dad!

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

On A Rainy Day

Josh's parents recently put new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom of their house and when they had extra they gave us a call.
Their new flooring was a brown marble and when they asked if we could use the extra I instantly through of our brown bathroom that right now as only OSB as the flooring.

And so when they offered us the extra we were super excited, but then the deal got even better when Josh's dad showed up with the new tile to put the new flooring down for us!
So one rainy night the boys took a break from siding the house and emptied out the bathroom of everything they could.  The main bathroom vanity had the plumbing holes cut into the bottom with the plumbing running up through the base so it could not be moved out of the bathroom.  Instead the boys figured out that they could lift it about 5 inches and then mount it on the wall in its newly elevated state.
That up Josh and his dad worked on cutting and fitting in the new subfloor, plywood, and then the next morning Josh's dad worked at laying all the new tile.
The lines between the tile are not white, this is a picture of the sealer that was put down to keep moisture out of the cracks but it dried clear.  The final product is amazingly beautiful and looks super good in our bathroom, I am sorry I don't have a completed picture for you to see.  Thank so much mom and dad for sharing your extra tile and to dad for installing it too!!  It feels so good to have just one more piece of the house finished.

July 8, 2010

The Siding Adventure Continues

And the siding continues...
On the last few days that Josh's dad was helping us out he was able to finish the tall vertical wall that covers our kitchen/guest room/master bedroom/nursery windows as well the soffit.
This involved more than just the siding as he had to take part of our arctic entry roof down and rebuild it to fit the siding and soffit that would soon go into place.
But even in the rain he worked and it was super fun to come home to see another part of the house done!
As his dad worked on siding the wall, Josh worked at taking the old "temporary" trim down from around a few of our windows that didn't have a normal flange and he started to put the new white trim back up in its place.
Soon it would be time to work on the front of the house...

July 7, 2010

Garden Update

Even though the weather has been cooler and rainy our garden is still growing strong and since my last update was just after everything was planted I thought I would let you see how big and beautiful everything is these days.
We were able to have a salad all from our garden the other night and I plan on making a stir fry tonight with some of my bok choy.
We were very excited to start to see how large everything is getting and the large new blossoms that are showing us how much everything is going to produce.
Mother and I were excited to work on a little weeding the other day but were soon sent inside due to a huge rain storm.  Those pesky weeds will meet their fate soon.

Since Zeke doesn't eat anything green, he just leaves his scent on the plants, we brought him in to run around the fenced in garden with us.  What a silly rabbit we have.  But we are praying for some warm sunny days and all the growth the garden has ahead of it this summer.

July 6, 2010

See Our House Turn Green

The weather recently has been rainy, super rainy, which makes it really hard to side the house but the boys have persisted!!
After all but two pieces of the far side of the house was done the scaffolding was moved around to the back.  While Josh and I were at work Josh's dad worked at siding the entire back portion of the house.  Josh and I walked around the road to see our house from the back last night and it looks so good tucked into among the big birch trees now, no big white tyvek box!
Finally, it was time to start doing the portion of the house visible to most of our guests from our driveway.
And so the progress continues...Josh's dad had to head back home and to work on Sunday but we are still plugging along and there is still tons to show you that was accomplished before he left!  Oh, how fun to turn our house green.

July 5, 2010

Camera Cord

Mother borrowed the camera's cord the other day to download more maps to her GPS.  I had forgotten this until today when I went to upload more of our pictures to show you all the progress.  Tune in tomorrow for the updates.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

July 2, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  This week I started to feel our baby move
2.  Josh's dad has been here this week and we have gotten so very much done on the house, inside and out.  Updates on all the progress will continue next week.  You will all be amazed.
3.  I had to pack up most of my regular clothes this week but between boxes from my dad in Texas with new shirts, mother's sewing, my birthday surprises, and a great garage sale find I am able to still have plenty of things to wear as I grow.
4.  Our garden is doing amazing, can't wait to show you all the new growth.

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

Time Takers

When you comment to people that you are siding your house a lot of people will say, oh it goes so fast.  I do agree that on the wide open spaces it moves pretty fast but there are a lot of time takers, things that slow a project down, like J-trim around the 8" bathroom vent.  And Scaffolding.
Josh and his dad are so very patient but it takes a lot to work on an area and then patiently take all of the scaffolding down.
Move the scaffolding, reset it up, dig out areas and build areas of the dirt up to keep it all level, and then build it high once again.  Then we can get back to the "fast" portion of the siding once again.  I am so thankful for these patient men who don't get frustrated at just high our beautiful house is!

July 1, 2010

High In The Rain

Yesterday I posted about how the guys built me a shelter to work out of the rain.  It was so thoughtful of them since it was they who were working IN the rain to put up our siding.

The area around the great window was very hard and trying with a lot of little issues for Josh's dad to work on.  In order to have enough scaffolding he and Josh just built one section up and up and up.  Dad worked for awhile and then they had to take it all down and move it 5 feet in order to reach another small portion.  I know they both wish we could have bought enough scaffolding to wrap the entire house, but we are thankful we could buy what we did!
And to keep the progress going strong, Josh worked back here.  The back portion of the house has been buried so that Josh was able to work on the siding for quite awhile and get a bit done until his dad was done with the scaffolding. 
In the rain they worked, hard!
Doesn't it look great?

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