June 30, 2010

Take A Look

Have I mentioned,
My Mother is working in Fairbanks for the summer.

Oh, I have mentioned that, I guess, a few times, ha ha.

But what you might not know is that she has her own blog now.

Go check it out, here she is:

I Feel Loved, Even in the Rain

With both boys and myself at the house this weekend we were super ready to get a lot of siding done together.  The plan was that the guys would each work on a different portion of the walls, Josh's dad on scaffolding and Josh on the ground level in the back, while I cut pieces and help both.  Then the rains came.
Josh didn't want me, and all of the electrical tools, in the rain and kept trying to come up with a solution to our constant moisture problem.
So he and his dad, who meanwhile ARE working in the rain too, stopped what they were doing to move the chop saw and other tools to an area where they could then build be a dry shelter.
So from there I worked, cutting their pieces of siding as needed and feeling very dry and loved. 

June 29, 2010


"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."
~Psalm 37:4

Today, at 18 and 1/2 weeks, I felt the baby move. 
I am so very much in awe of our child that is growing so much each day and am filled with inexpressible joy this morning.  Our child is there, growing strong and safe and now I can really tell.


On Thursday Josh's dad worked on the front portion of the side of the house.  It was so amazing to come  home and see our "Lowes tyvek" house starting to turn a beautiful Cypress green.
By the time dinner was over Josh's dad was tired!!  He was by himself running up and down scaffolding to cut pieces of J-trim, starter strip, siding, wood to box in the soffit and the soffit pieces themselves.
But oh how beautiful it all looked.
Friday we were thankful that it was my day off of work and I could help out.  Where Josh's dad still put all of the scaffolding together, put the siding up and kept it all going I was at least able to get the numbers he called down to me and cut all of the siding pieces for him.  That little bit of help made a big difference and the back 1/3 of the house flew up on Friday.
When Josh got home from work he was able to help his dad fit in the last few pieces and the upper soffit.  There was still the portion around the big window to do but that would have to wait for another day.  These men worked until after 10:30 Friday night on this wall, Thank goodness for long Alaskan summer days.

June 28, 2010

Back Up Has Arrived

After I finished painting the first of many pieces of our house trim the other night, Josh put a few together to start the first edge on our house.
In the cold weather the corners of the vinyl siding are the most likely to crack if hit, thus why we are using wood trim for the outside edges instead of the vinyl pieces often used.  With the first piece of trim up we were ready to start the starter strip for siding.  But before we started we received a great phone call.

Josh's dad had a week off between jobs and so he called us early last week to let us know that he was going to come on up and help us out with this next big project!!  Wednesday night he arrived and with Josh they instantly started talking about what needed to be done and just where we needed to start.
So our beautiful siding is now coming out of the boxes.
The chop saw has been all set up.
And the first layer of scaffolding has been put together.
We are ready to begin.

June 25, 2010

Josh's Project

You might have seen over the past few weeks that things have been busy around here but that doesn't stop us for spending just a little extra time on our side projects.
You see, as much as I dream about a kitchen sink Josh dreams about a lawn.  A beautiful yard with a gazebo, a mother-in-law cabin, flower beds, enough dirt delivered to build up around the basement and last but not least, grass.
Earlier this summer, after we put all of the necessary top soil in the garden, Josh killed weeds and smoothed our clay soil to spread the rest of the dirt in a small area to the east of our garden and next to our well.  All for the purpose of trying his hand in planting some grass seed.  For a week and a half he has diligently watered, fertilized and watch this area of our yard for progress.

And last night we came home to the first sprouts of grass. What a happy husband I now have.  A very wise person we know once told us that it is not possible to grow grass and children as the same time, good thing Josh is starting early on the grass this year!  Next summer our little BK will have a soft portion of the yard to enjoy.

June 24, 2010

Making it Silver Sky

So you might have heard me mention just once or twice that we are going to side the house this summer.  You are probably thinking, yeah right at this point since it still hasn't happened but oh it is.  No, no siding is on the house yet but the prep work, boy is there a lot of prep work, is coming along great!!
One of the things we are working on this week is getting the trim painted.  We need this for the house edges and for around the specialty windows.
It all has to be painted and up on the house before the siding so Josh has something to attach the J-trim to and thus the siding to.
So my paint pants have come out of the closet once more and I am spending the long summer evenings painting outside where I don't have to worry about fumes.  All to make my house look beautiful in trim painted a lovely shade of Silver Sky.
(who knew there are about 50 shades of white to choose from?)

June 23, 2010

Looking Ahead To Evenings On The Deck

When you build a house nice and slow like Josh and I are doing you have time to make modifications, future expectations and plans for the never ending "next step."
One of the future projects is the deck we will someday have off the front and sides of our house.
The plan is to have the deck wrap around this upper portion of the house to the arctic entry way.
Since the future deck will need a support beam, something to nail into, we decided to put it up now before siding instead of taking the time to put up the siding just to rip it off later.
So even though this looks a little funny now it is a good step towards the future deck.  It might look like just a treated board to you but to me these boards look like dinner outside, a grill and a lounge chair covered in blankets for northern light viewing in the winter.  Ahh, the dreams of someday.

June 22, 2010

Summer Time and The Living is BUSY

It seemed that with getting back from our trip to Kansas, my mother and sister arriving and my birthday that we were so busy that we weren't able to get back into the high powered house work that we had wanted to be doing.  Oh, stuff has been done, especially by Josh, but not the bigger things that we had had on our "list".  This weekend changed that.
Josh went by the store on Friday and bought our very own set of scaffolding, what you see in the picture is only half of what he bought but it will all be necessary as we try to reach the peak for siding soon.  He also picked up a very big beam.
You see the area of the roof that will some day overhang the deck has just had a "temporary" support for the last few years but it looked like it was starting to sag and needed to have its permanent support put into place.  Josh dug a large hole and put in a sonnet tube.
Then it was time for more concrete action.
The entire tube had to be filled with concrete before the brace could be placed on top.  In a few days the concrete will be dried and Josh can put the beam itself into place.
Ahh house progress.
It is Summer Time and this is good.

June 21, 2010

Six Months Later

Just six months ago I wrote this post.  The days were dark, cold and the winter was stretched out before us.  But like most years, the days pass and the sun returns.  Today is June 21st, summer solstice and that means a lot of celebrating around these parts. 
This past weekend mother and I walked the Midnight Sun Run, a 10K race that winds through town and neighborhoods where people hold big parties in their driveways to watch the racers go by.  The fun part of this race is that it starts at 10pm when the sun is still high in the sky.  We walked and enjoyed all the activity under full daylight with no need for lights, glow sticks or flashlights.  (Flashlights are only used in the winter up here!)
When mother returned me to my car at the beginning of the race it was already 12;30 and the sky was still light.  On my drive home I started to see the northern horizon turn pink close to 1am as the sun was getting ready to set.  All this week there are a lot of activities going on, all way past my bedtime, that I won't get to participate in since Josh and I still need to work and I love my sleep these days, but it sure was fun to stay up late with the sun on Saturday with mother!

June 18, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  It was my Birthday this week!
2.  Number 1 resulted in a fun dinner at home Monday night and a date Tuesday night.
3.  I got to get out of the office and do two day of field work this week. 
4.  Fun camping in a gravel pit/material site
5.  Late night hospital sale give away and dumpster diving that was super fun and productive.

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

Fun Times

Mother is back in Alaska for the summer.
We are back to our old ways.
Let the summer fun begin.

June 17, 2010

Making It Home

We said we were going to wait to hang any pictures in the house until trim had been done.  We didn't want to go to the effort of centering a picture to then see it off once a window was trimmed.  But the walls have been bare and we have such great art work around that maybe, just a few, are starting to make their way up on our walls.
This one is Josh's special painting that we bought at an art auction while on our cruise this past spring.  We hung it in the sitting room where it wouldn't be faded by the sun.  It looks great!
This one is my special daisy painting that we bought years ago at a First Friday celebration here in town.  This we put at the top of the stairs, once again to keep it away from the sun, and for a long space on the wall.  We have more that need to be put up, and they will get their day, but for now it is fun to even see these little changes around that house that makes it that much more like home.

June 16, 2010

A Celebration

My birthday was tons of fun!
With lots of early morning birthday phone calls.
Lots of amazing gifts, especially new maternity clothes

Our yearly tradition of watermelon cake
But most important all the love.
Thanks to each one of my family and friends that made this day so special, fun, and filled my love banks for the year ahead!

June 15, 2010

A New Year

Today starts a new day and a new year.
Today is a day for me to celebrate.
Today I turn 29.
This year ahead has many new changes.
I have, after three years, changed my blog's look.
The house is changing as we continue to work on siding, and the "finish" work inside.
But the most important thing that will be changing in this upcoming year is who I am.
This new year before me will change me from just a wife, daughter, sister and friend to a MOTHER as well.  Oh yes, this really is the year of changes.  Right around Thanksgiving day Josh and I will become father and mother to our little Baby Klynstra, or BK as he/she is known now.

So today I will celebrate 29 years.
Today my mother and father will remember their year of change 29 years ago.
Today Josh and I look ahead to the year before us and get ready for our change.
Today is a good day.

June 14, 2010


The other day we had a very special delivery show up in our driveway
This pile of boxes, that really doesn't look like much, is going to transform our house with a little work.  This is our siding.  We are still working on some of the prep work before these boxes can be opened but the day is coming soon.  Summer is here, the work is on and siding has been delivered...now for the rain to let up just a little.

June 11, 2010

Friday Favorites

1.  A great trip to Kansas and Colorado to visit friends
2.  Being home again
3.  The rain that fell while we were away help get rid of the wildfire smoke around Fairbanks, we love fresh air.
4.  Mother and Hillary arrived safely after driving for a full week up from Texas
5.  It is my short week at work, especially short since we were in Kansas and Colorado on Monday yet it has also been a long week since we flew home Monday night and arrived into town just in time to go to work on Tuesday.  I am so thankful it is a short week!
6.  My garden is doing great.

*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

June 10, 2010

Special Arrival

Wonderful news,
Mother and Hillary arrived safely into Fairbanks last night, a day early.  As they got closer to the Alaskan boarder they kept on moving to suprise us last night instead of coming in today.  We are so thankful they are safely here after over 4,000 miles. 

Last night we heard just the beginning of their many stories, saw just a few of their great pictures and were able to just enjoy each other.  It is going to be a great few days having my sister here in town and a wonderful summer for mother as she goes back to work at the Fairbanks hospital on Monday.

Tomorrow is my Friday off and I am looking forward to a day with both of them.  We are so happy they are here.

June 9, 2010

A Wedding and A Weekend

This past weekend Josh and I left Alaska for a few short days to travel south to Kansas.
We went to enjoy a wedding.  Our friends Ben and Kari, you might remember them from this post, got married in Buttermilk, Kansas.  Just 13 miles north of the Oklahoma boarder.
The wedding took place outside in a tree grove.  The day was a sunny 104 degrees.  Josh was an usher and helped each guest be seated.
It was a beautiful wedding with a lot of love.  After awhile the heat did get to be a little much but there was a lot of cold drinks of ice tea to go around.
We are super happy for our friends!!
Since we were in Kansas we made sure to take advantage of our location.  We drove over 1200 miles in just a few days all around eastern Colorado and Kansas.  Along the way we got to see these little guys.  Ahh, prairie dogs, the great Kansas wildlife. 
After the wedding on Saturday we drove almost directly north to just 12 miles south of the Nebraska boarder to visit our friends the Boston's on Sunday.  Our good friends were in Alaska three years ago and it was so good to see them again.  We had a wonderful day relaxing with them in their home before Monday when we drove back to Colorado.  I didn't get a picture but we stopped just a hour north of the Denver Airport for dinner with our friends Thomas and Eve who came down from Wyoming to meet up with us for just two hours.  It was so good to visit with them as well and to get to hear all the great things that are going on in their lives.  We are home now.  Zeke has been returned to us and we are unpacking but as we catch up on work and sleep we are feeling full of love from all of our friends new and old that we got to see over the past few days.

June 8, 2010

Making it "Go Away"

When you live in a house as you build it most things seem like a "work in progress."
This is our third floor bathroom.  Some day this area will be a beautiful tiled shower room.  But right now there are a lot of other things in the house that need to be worked on and since we have a working shower on the main floor this is a "later" project.  For the most part it hasn't bothered me for the last year as we have lived upstairs but recently it just started to make me sad.  A symbol of all we still had to do.

So I came up with the idea that even though it wasn't a "real" shower yet I could use a shower curtain to make the bathroom look nicer and more finished.  We found this curtain, rings and rod all on Sale at Sears and we were set.
So so long sad thoughts.  Some day this area will be beautiful, finished and functional.  But for now I have a house that is continuing to be a little more done each day and don't need this area to get me down.  So with our new curtain in place I am smiling a little brighter.

June 7, 2010

One More Garden Update

I have another garden update.  Are you sick of them?  If so I am sorry.  So much of what we have worked on over the past few weeks have been the outside projects.  The house does have big things planned for this summer and you will soon get to see just some of that!
Until then, I thought I would share with you the addition of our potatoes.  They were planted last because when we got the seeds they didn't have any sprouts growing out of the eyes yet.  So I put them in a brown bag in the boiler room for a few days and the dark warmth provided sprouts in no time.
So here it is, the garden in its glory.  The front row is actually already starting to have green and a few of the onions are starting to poke through.
But it is this back row that has me the most concerned.  I know cucumbers don't grow well outside here in Fairbanks, Alaska but since I started mine from seed I put them in the ground to see how they would do.  But knowing what I know I thought they could use a little help.

So using some of our extra pex tubing from when we did heating on the house Josh made me these hoops that I put in the raised beds over the cucumber plants.
Then we stretched a special plant fabric over top.  This isn't plastic and I some times wonder if we should use that for a better "greenhouse" effect but it is worth a try.
I wanted to wrap the tomato plants as well but Josh didn't know if it was necessary so we just did one.  It will be good to see if it makes any difference.
What has made a difference is the nice warm days we have been having.  This little yellow flower is actually a tomato blossom on one of my plants.  It makes me very happy.

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