March 31, 2010

Putting It Together

When we last showed you our new handrail in this post, Josh had just dry fitted it together. Now that he knew that it fit into the overlook, it was time to glue it all together.
All of Josh's birthday and Christmas requests over the past year have been for woodworking clamps. As you see this project come together you can start to see why these are so important in our house.
It all needs to be perfectly square, not too tight on one side or one clamp more than another.
And as you can see the glass has been put into place too.
Now it is just time to wait for the glue to "set up" so we can stand it up and see how it looks.

March 30, 2010

Helping Mother Nature

Even though it was below zero last night, the sun has returned to Fairbanks, Alaska and we are thinking spring. We have big plans for having a garden at home this year but so far this is what our garden plot looks like.
So in order to help Mother Nature out a little bit with melting the snow in this area of the yard faster, Josh went out last night to speed things up.
This is the sunniest portion of our yard so once the days start getting above 32 degrees this area should soon be showing us dirt.
From there we can get back to preparing it the way it needs to be for our big garden this summer. Oh, come on sun. I just can't wait to finally say, "spring has sprung."

March 29, 2010

Holidays, Holidays, Oh Random State Holidays

Today is Seward's Day in the State of Alaska.
A day where we all sit back and remember the signing of the Alaska Purchase Treaty in March of 1867. Without which I would not have this amazing state to live in. And in celebration of this wonderful day, as a State Employee, I have the day off.
Most everyone else I know still has to work, Josh included. And although I feel sorry for them, I don't feel too bad. I am not one to complain about days off work!
So, I hope you are enjoying your Monday.
I am!

March 26, 2010

A Boy In His "Candy" Store

We all have a store that we would consider our "candy" store. A store that we love to go to and just smell the air sometimes to get that sweet feeling. For Josh that store is our local specialty hardwood store.
A store full of hardwoods just waiting for the next project they are destined for. And the truly special woods that for we just enjoy looking at.
Most of the time Josh visits this store he goes to just to smell the wood, but this day was a special day. We were in need of more wood for our handrails that Josh is making.
Every single piece of Black Walnut wood is taken out and examined
The bends and twists are evaluated. The figuring of just the right length and width are considered.
The color of the heart wood is seriously reviewed and intense focus in needed for it all.
The knots have to be in the right places, the strength of the project depends on the direction and curve of the grains and each piece is a different puzzle to evaluate.
But all of this concentration and focus only brings Josh immense joy!
So with the Jeep loaded up with some new wood we headed home. Me and my man who sat in the back just marveling at his new project the whole drive home!

March 25, 2010

Shelves, Empty Boxes and Pure Joy

The other day I had to go to town for a meeting. When I came home I was greeted with this wonderful surprise from Josh. Shelves in our main floor closet.
After I stopped jumping around and shouting with joy I got right to work by pulling out one of our bins full of blankets.
Quilts we were given for our wedding that have been boxed for 3 years, hand made throws and spare blankets now have a place on a shelf.
Additional boxed up treasures such as rugs, rags, cleaning supplies, tea towels and new sheets also were assigned shelves.
Our house design has many wonderful closets and it is so wonderful to be able to use this one and to get the chance to empty yet more boxes.
I love that we have tons of room in this house and I can empty many more boxes when they are uncovered. Isn't it great how much having a linen closet feels so natural and "home like." Here we are, every project moves our home just a little closer to being a finished house!

March 24, 2010

Winter Fun

This weekend we had beautiful weather and before Ben and Kari headed out of town we decided we had time to fit in some cross-country skiing before they started to drive south.
Along the switch backs we came across a pair of young moose. Do you see him on the trail?
And as we waited for the moose to go where they were heading we laughed and enjoyed the beautiful "spring" day outside.
A day of skiing with no heavy coats and a day with lots and lots of sunshine.
Sunshine, we missed you all winter long!
What a fun way to enjoy time with friends.
What a great time of the year in Alaska.

March 23, 2010

Busy, Busy Days

There is a lot going on in the Klynstra home and lots of pictures to show, except when I forget the camera. So check back tomorrow to see the latest and greatest.

March 22, 2010

Already planning my next project.

Nearly done! just finished routing a profiled edge on the stretchers and a quarter round on the posts. I'm satisfied with the apperance of the profile. It gives an extra shadow line and adds dimension. I also didn't have to do any sanding. I ran over the flat faces with a card scraper and called that good for now. Thera are a few surfaces that may need some light sanding with 400grit to soften some crossgrain sections.
The handrail is temporarily at home. I still have not tested the fit of the glass panes; that may happen one evening this week. Kathleen and I are entertaining guests this week, which will postpone much of the work still to be done on this project.
Still to be added to the handrail are the top and bottom boards. These two boards will strengthen the handrail and give it a less 'fence-like' appearance. The bottom board will allow me to fasten the handrail to the pony wall it is resting on and the top board will cover the endgrain on the top of the posts. I will also be able to do some profiled edge routing on the top and bottom boards which I hope will add to the overall look.
And of course, having the camera at home on such a nice sunny day, I had to take a picture of the view from the kitchen.

March 19, 2010

Friday Favorites

1. A week of friends and house guests
2. I am loving that it is Jelly Bean season again!
3. Trying new recipes and smiling when there are almost no leftovers from the once very full pan. Ahh, the feeling of success.
4. The longer days. Daylight savings is hard to adjust to but the longer evenings are great.
*On Friday's I'll list things that stood out to me during the week. Things I can look back on and see as high points through out the year. I would also love to hear what stood out as favorites to you in your week.*

What the Spring Break Winds Blow In

This has been a great week of friends new and old at the Klynstra's. Over the weekend I was able to reconnect with my friend Molly, a teacher in Eagle River, who came up on her spring break. Then on Saturday evening Ben and Kari arrived for their Fairbanks vacation. Both of them are enjoying spring breaks as well. Ben from college in Glennallen and Kari from being an elementary school nurse in Kenai.
As Ben and Kari prepare for their wedding in June it is fun for Josh and me to get to know Kari and see how great they are for each other.
And as time with friends go we have enjoyed coming home from work each day to fun dinners, games, sledding, hot tubing, skiing, sight seeing and fun. What a wonderful blessings laughter can do to help get through the last stretches of these wintry days in March.

March 18, 2010

Who Said A Well Is All You Need?

I had our well water tested the other day.
Looks like we are going to be getting a few filters.
Looks like our boiler room is going to be going from full to overflowing.
Looks like we will have everything but the kitchen sink.
Oh, I can't wait until the day when we have a Kitchen sink!!

March 17, 2010

Half Way Done

Day VI
So, today I had some fun with the camera. I set it up and turned on the "intervalometer", which allows me to take up to 100 pictures at a rate from 1 second up to 100 minutes. I set the camera up in two different places and took about fifty pictures this way. So there are more pictures of me actually working. Don't tell anyone.
Today's project is once again fitting the mortice and tenon joints. Not very glamorous, but I'm glad I have the space and tools to do the project; and the sore back to go with it.
Ok, so I didn't put all the pictures on, but I did put on more than previously. That precludes me from typing as much.
YAY... all fitted. Now it is time for a dry run at it's final resting place.
Of course, like my usual experiences go, the handrail is just slightly too long and will have to be adjusted slightly. Not to much and it will go quickly. I still have to route the dado for the glass panes to set in, which will be for tomorrow.
Eleven boards will keep anyone from sleepwalking off the edge and give us one more thing to clean; and they even look good.

March 16, 2010

Progress Is Made Daily

Day V
Time to start cutting tenons. Using a few scrap cut-offs, I set the bit depth and fence on the router table and now I'm ready to start cutting. I have clamped all like sized pieces together to make sure the tenons are as close to the same size as I can. This makes the work hopefully more accurate, but it will take longer.
I scribed layout marks for the length and depth of the tenons on the ends of each set of boards. These are my 'do-not-cross' lines. if I mess this up I'll have to start over.
Fortunately everything went well. I cut the tenons a little oversize so I can chisel them to fit perfectly. I layed out all the pieces here to get the arangement that shows off the best grain from the top. Then I marked the ends of the tenons to make sure I remember where they go after I get finished fitting the tenons to their designated mortice.
Kathleen came by to pick me up, and to soak in the hot tub, so she took a few pictures of me working. So, now there is evidence of how much practice I really need. Fortunately wood is forgiving of this fact, and I am somewhat able to cover up any flaws in my abilities.
I didn't get the tenons all fit, just one. So I will get to work on that tomorrow. It is alreaty 9:45 and I need a shower. All that black walnut sawdust from routing the tenons doesn't do to well on my pillow.
All I can say here is "don't slip", you will really regret it. Just think of it as a 'learning experience'. I didn't though, I'm not that slopy, just careless.

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