December 31, 2010

Looking Back

The first day of 2010 I wrote out some of my goals on the blog.  I thought I would end this year by looking back at those goals and seeing just how things worked out.

Kathleen's Goals for 2010
(in no particular order)
1. Pay off our Jeep
We did this in the spring, what a wonderful feeling.

2. Go on a trip/vacation out of state with Josh in the fall
No big trip in the fall, we did go to Kansas and Colorado in June, but having a baby changed these plans.

3. Use my dinner calendar all 12 months and plan our meals ahead so that we can remain content at our current food budget
I did use the calendar all 12 months, maybe not all of ever month but it was an improvement.

4. Work daily at being a supportive wife to Josh
I feel our marriage is going strong but this goal, like several of them, will be a goal every year.

5. Side our house this summer and be able to insure it by fall
It is now green, beautiful, and insured.  How wonderful.

6. Trust God's direction, don't just accept it
This year has us giving ourselves back into God's hands over and over.

7. Keep our financial goals in mind when evaluating all purchases and steadily work towards being debt free.
To not go into too much detail, this is going really well but is still a work in progress.

8. Be content
Yes, but please don't confuse this with me becoming complacent.

9. Have a kitchen with a sink by Christmas 2010
It was in by Thanksgiving and is wonderful.

10. Be open to using our house to bless whomever needs it
We have had a lot of people in and out of our home this year and it was been wonderful to share.

11. Live less selfishly and with more humility
Still working on this but I think I will my entire life.

12. Enjoy The Davis Family Reunion (this one should be easy to accomplish since all of the tickets have been bought, yeah)
This was a wonderful vacation and will always be remembered with great big smiles and positive memories.  Looking forward to the next one.

How about you?  How did your goals for 2010 work out?

December 29, 2010

Changes Around The Home

There are a lot of things going on around the Klynstra home these days.  A lot of construction projects, here and there things, being done but also other additions.
 Like a pack n' play in the dining room
And a sleeping baby inside.  Oh, what wonderful changes.  We are so thankful for a warm, almost finished home to add Abigail to.  More pictures of other changes will come over the next bit.  With no internet at home Abigail and I only get to update the blog every once and awhile when in town.  Thanks for your patience.

December 28, 2010

One of Our Favorite People

My entire family, especially my mother, have sacrificed this past month and holiday season for my mother to be in Alaska with Josh and me to help out with the baby.  And over the past few weeks she has become one of Abigail's favorite people.
Where I am so tired, Josh has to work and life goes on Grandma has time to sit and have long chats with Abigail.  They clog together in the kitchen, sing together and share stories.
And as a result Abigail loves to bless Grandma with tons of laughs and smiles that only a new baby can do.  Today is a very sad day, today grandma leaves to go home to Texas.  We will miss grandma so very much and can't wait to see her again in February when we come down for a warm weather visit.  We will store up lots of smiles and laughs for you then.

December 27, 2010

A First Christmas

What a fun year for this family, time to celebrate Abigail's first Christmas.  Over all it was a very calm and slow day.  But it all started the night before when we went to the Christmas Eve service, with mother, as a family of 4.
 Christmas morning was slow and relaxed.  With no schedule yet we ate and slept as needed Christmas Eve night and finally got up for real late in the morning to stockings, egg muffin sandwiches, oranges and presents.  
After a nice slow day, with a relaxing dinner of spaghetti, we enjoyed our new blankets, games and a movie.  Overall, a wonderful first Christmas for this family to remember.

December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Josh

Today is my best friend and husband's 30th birthday.
We have the best gift possible this year for you, fatherhood.
So today we are celebrating Josh and all that he means to our little family of 3.

December 20, 2010

Around the House

While Josh was on Paternity Leave he spent time helping me out with so many things.  But when Abigail was resting he took the time to work on a few of the still many house projects.  One being the door trim in the hall upstairs.
So now not only does the trim make the upstairs look great, but with a little insulation in the cracks the rooms are all a little more sound proof.  Good to have with company and a new baby.  Love how it is coming together.

December 17, 2010

Friday Favorites

As I start back into doing Friday Favorites this week's isn't hard.

We are thankful for Abigail, for her second week of life, for weight gain, successful breastfeeding, for grandma being around to help us out each and every day and for Josh who helps out with everything at home and goes to work each day.  

December 16, 2010

First Days

Over the past few days we have been:
 Getting used to being a family of three and
 Being held
 Being Celebrated
And we have been loved.

December 15, 2010

A Gift For Abigail

One of the things Josh wanted to do was get me a gift as I gave him the gift of his first daughter.  Months ago he came up with the idea and contacted his mom to see if she could help him out.  Earlier this summer I showed you how she has created stained glass to fit into the arch ways in our home.  As a gift for Abigail he asked her to make Christmas specific stain glass to fit into those arch ways.
 And so now we have ornaments upstairs
And Christmas greetings downstairs.  And each and every year we will hang these seasonal stain glass pieces into their places and remember this year and how when they were first hung we were awaiting Abigail's arrival and the Christmas season when she was first with us.

December 14, 2010

My Nickname is Gummy Bear

While Aunt Hillary was here a bunch of gummy bears were eaten.  And when Momma wasn't watching Abigail shared the treats with her Aunt.
Message to Aunt Hillary from Abigail:
Come back soon, my momma doesn't let me eat gummy bears like you do.

December 12, 2010

A Growing Family.

It has been a long week full of new experiences.  Abigail is home and doing well. Kathleen and I have had some great support from Grandma and Aunt Hillary over the last week.  We were sad to see Hillary, our professional holder return home.

Here is a short video of some of Abigail's many facial expressions.
On Saturday Kathleen, Abigail, Mother and Hillary went out for a snack and tea at Sipping Streams before taking Hillary to the airport.

The Davis Ladies.

this is a picture at the hospital the day we took Abigail home. Look at those cute chubby cheeks. And she was actually awake for this picture.

December 6, 2010

What is Up?

So, last week, when Abigail was very over due, I programed in posts and that involved the one posted earlier.  Needless to say, we aren't really working on the house today.  

We are still in the hospital.

All is well.

We go home tomorrow.

We are a family of three and we love it.

One of Those Last Touches

By building this house slowly ourselves we were able to find deals here and there.  One of which was years of go at a garage sale.  We found several can lights that we were able to use in the kitchen and in the stair way down to the basement.  
The only problem was these can lights didn't come with covers like the new ones at the store come with. So the other day while at the store we picked up a few covers and we were able to finish up just one more little piece of the house.  Most people don't look up and see these covers but we do and it is so fun to have just one more thing done!

December 5, 2010

Introducing the one and only....... Abigail Kathleen Klynstra!

Here are a few pictures from this morning, from just after the birth and the few hours afterward.

Abigail has not spent any time alone, either in the nursery or in her crib.  Aunt Hillary and Mum are enjoying having all the time they can get with her.

I've tried to add a few videos.  But after an hour of waiting for one to load, I've decided to forget about continuing that effort.

An Unexpected Start

Friday night around midnight, a migraine started.  Call made to the MD at 645a who said go to the Women's Center at the hospital.  Migraine turned into frequent contractions, which led to cervical dilation, which led to a swim in the birthing tub, which led to the MD breaking the water, which led to a BABY GIRL.  At 12:33a on 12/5/10 baby Abigail Kathleen Klynstra was born at 8lbs 11oz, 21 inches long with a 14" head circumference.  Yeah for baby AKK.

December 3, 2010

It is Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

Christmas around the Klynstra home.
 With the desire to have everything ready for Christmas before Abigail arrived, Josh and headed down to the swamp across the street the other day and found our perfect "charlie brown" tree for the year.  This white spruce smells great, is nice and tall, and fits our needs perfect.
It is super fun to have everything set up and ready as we are waiting for our real Christmas gift arrive this year.  

December 2, 2010

Abigail's Home

We have had quite the transition at the Klynstra household.  Just a few months ago we had a green sewing room upstairs with no trim, no bedroom furniture or wall hangings.  Now we are super excited to get to show you the change from this sewing room into Abigail's room.
 Here is a view from the door.  We kept the walls the soft sage green color and added the white trim.  Then we accented the room in pinks, whites, natural woods and greens.
 Here is the maple Ethan Allen dresser that we refinished this summer.  The paintings are the ones that Josh made for us that match the figures on the curtains that I sewed.
 On this inside wall of the nursery, the wall with the door, we have Abigail's crib.  I sewed the bumper pad and Josh and I created the flowers that hang over Abigail's crib.  The cross stitch art over the crib was actually made for me by my grandma Davis when I was a little.  The crib was generously given to us by friends when their little girl grew out of it.  
 Here is another picture of the rocking chair to show you a few details.  One is the curtains that I made for Abigail.  I was at a loss this fall trying to figure out what to do with the nursery until I found this fabric.  I completely feel in love with the little trees and birds.  The picture over the rocking chair was one that hung in my parents upstairs hallway when I was growing up.  The quilt is from Josh's mother and Josh made me the foot stool to go with the rocking chair for Abigail to be rocked to sleep with.  We covered the stool in the same fabric that I used to make the pillow cushion with.  I love how the fabrics aren't all the same in the room but follow a similar color scheme.
 This poster used to hang in my childhood library in New York.  It fit into this frame I found years ago perfectly and I love how it hangs over the area where Josh will build a bookshelf for all of Abigail's book collection.  I can see her spending hours enjoying different worlds through her books.
 There are still several things that need to be hung on Abigail's walls and little things to do like add a few cover plates but all in all we are all set.  But we still have one thing left of importance in her room, here is her hospital bag.  All packed and ready.  On top is Gus, a gift for Abigail from her father.  With several blankets packed to keep her warm in this -20 degree weather we are just about all set.  Now we just need our little girl.

December 1, 2010

Project for Abigail

Back in September Josh started working on some canvas paintings for Abigail's room.
 The other day he was able to take the time to finish up the designs for each one.
Josh used the designs from the curtains as inspiration for each canvas.  Now they will be hung over Abigail's changing table.  Tomorrow I will show you the nursery and you will get to see them in place.  What an amazing artist my husband is!

November 30, 2010

It is Assembled

Yesterday I posted pictures of the start of Josh's big Kitchen project.
 Which involved the new raised bar for the kitchen that separates the kitchen from the dining room area.
 Isn't this counter top beautiful!  Josh built it out of hardwood maple to match our kitchen cabinets. 
But that wasn't enough for Josh.  In addition to counter top bar Josh has built curved shelves at the end to make it look beautiful.  He built the shelves out of maple and accented it with a black walnut support beam.  It makes the area look amazing and so very "finished".

November 29, 2010

Making it "Custom"

In building our house by ourselves, and slowly, we have had the chance to put a lot of custom items into our home.
 You will notice in this picture of me in the kitchen that the raised bar portion of the kitchen seems very bare even though the counter top had just been installed.
 That is because we decided to not have the store install the raised bar but instead to have Josh build a custom piece just perfect for that portion of the kitchen.
And thus begins the project that involves A LOT of clamps, maple wood, Josh having to build a steam box and learn about wood building and so many other specialty features.  But after about 100 hours of work it is coming along.  More pictures to come soon.

November 28, 2010

Not Yet

Just to let you know,

No Baby Yet.

We are waiting,
we are excited,
we have no idea when Abigail is going to be ready to arrive.

So it is back to the waiting part.

My bathrooms are clean, 
Carpets vacuumed
And I am trying to make sure no dishes stay in the sink.

But regardless of my plans she still hasn't arrived.

We will let know when she does.

November 26, 2010

Getting Ready

In getting ready for Abigail the main thing I was really worried about having in place was her car seat.  Because whenever she comes I want to be sure we can bring her home from the hospital.
My brother and sister-in-law were super generous in putting all of those fears aside and gifted us with an amazing, top of the line seat for our little lady.  The other day while it was still day light out Josh and I read the instruction book and putting it all into place.
How fun it is to drive around town with this new addition to our car.  As Kelly predicted, I did freak out a little seeing it in the rear view mirror that first day.  This is really happening.  And now whenever Abigail is ready to arrive (any day now Abigail) we will be ready to bring her home where she belongs.

November 25, 2010

How Thankful

On this Thanksgiving day I have so very much I am thankful for this year that I feel overfull.
 I am so very thankful for Josh.  For the husband, friend, co-worker and fellow adventurer that he is.  What a year we have had with travel, building of our home and the starting of our family.
I am so very thankful for both of our extended family and the time we have had to spend with them this year.  The Davis reunion in April to the Gulf of Mexico and all of the visitors that have come up to Alaska this year!
 And with having Josh's dad and brother working in Denali this year we have had the chance to see them both, and Josh's mom, so very much this summer.  It was so wonderful to have them be part of the little things throughout the year.
 I am so thankful for baby Abigail.  For the fact that is going to be the one to turn our family from two to three, that she is healthy, and that she is now full term.  What a wonderful year we have already spent with her.  We just can't wait to finally meet her!
 I am so very thankful for our beautiful home that is now sided, insured, has flooring, a kitchen, a sink in the kitchen, furniture and is a wonderful place to be.  Josh and I both love the end of the day or a weekend when we just get to be home!
We are also super thankful today for all of our friends, out of state and in.  They make our lives so very rich and fun.

What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving day?

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