December 31, 2009

I tried

I have tried to put together a post for you of my favorite blog posts put up in 2009 but I can't do it. Really I can't. I have tried. I finally stopped after 16 links and I feel I am missing out on so much of the year. It was such a great year. Great year for:
The house with Drywall, stairs leading upstairs, color, carpet, water, and going from living in the basement to upstairs.
My marriage with date days, enjoying our home, our hard work, Josh's new job and the strengthening of a friendship and marriage.
Family with mother spending the summer with us, Hillary, my Dad and Josh's mom all visiting. Seeing Josh's mom in Soldotna twice, me going to Texas twice (February and December), and Josh getting to go on a hunt with his Dad and Brother.
Myself with a real awakening of what it means to really worship my Lord and the spiritual strength that grew in me through a lot of hard time this year. I have had my hair cut, loss weight, started a new job within DNR, switched to a great new work schedule and have expanded my house keeping skills.
So where I wanted to post just a few highlights this is the best I can do, it has been such a good yet challenging year. Usually I am not too excited to celebrate the beginning of a new year, but this year I am. I can't begin to tell you how I excited I am about 2010, lots of things are already planned and so much is anticipated. Just can't wait to see what each day will bring and all that God has in store for us!

Icing, Friends, Candy and Laughter

This past weekend we had friends over for a little Ginger Bread making. (with graham crackers because even though I learned to make Gluten Free Ginger bread I really doubted it would hold together with icing.)
Bowls upon bowls of candy were very appealing.
We thought about just what to make
And then dove into the goods. Amy went for a small chicken house and yard.
Peter went for simple and fun with his tent and gummy bears enjoying a fire pit.
I have never made a ginger bread house before and so as I helped Liesel build her circle house I was stuck.
Luckily my very crafty and artistic husband stepped in to save the day.
And with lots of frosting and decorations it was perfect.
With lots of candy in small bodies a lot of running and playing followed, what a fun day to remember!

Christmas Craftiness - Big

The gift that took the most thought this year was this last gift. I just wasn't sure what to make for a little boy who loves cars. Luckily I expressed my concern to mother one day and she had an idea. From there I hit the ground running
Next gift: Road mat
For: My Nephew, age 2
I knew that if this mat was going to be fun enough to play on, I need to have some idea of what I was doing before I just started sewing. So the project started with a rough sketch (I am no Josh when it comes to my artistic skills) of what I had in mind.
Then I cut out all of the pieces and laid them out to see how everything fit.
Next it was time to sew all of the surface roads, houses, school, lake, river, gravel pit and small extras to the surface.
I had split the mat into four sections to make the progress a little less bulky. After each section was ready I needed to sew it all together using the large intersecting road that crossed through the middle.
By this time the mat was too big to really work with in my sewing room so I moved to the living room to cut out fabric to back the mat too.
Last but not least I brought in the real artist in the family to draw windows and doors on the houses and school. We attempted to draw a yellow line on the road but the silly yellow fabric pen bought just for the occasion was a dud.
Overall it was a very crafty Christmas that started in October and from what I have heard the presents have been a success. One last present that no pictures were taken of was another doll dress for my 7 friend who loaned me the Barbie doll. Except this was a larger doll so no pattern was available, yup a little Klynstra kraftiness went into play for that one. Well, until next year, or the next birthday...

December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Day at our house was wonderful. We slept in, opened presents in our p.j.'s and had a day to relax. On Christmas Eve Josh pulled out a puzzle and it provided us both with many hours of quiet entertainment over the next few days.
Around 1 o'clock I put a turkey in the oven and so about 4 it was time to prepare a little Christmas dinner. We kept it really simple with turkey, mashed potatoes with potatoes from our garden and frozen veges. Simple and delicious.
With the unpacking of boxes this fall I refound Josh's grandma's hand mixer. It was fun for me to use what I know she used for years!
As I mixed up our side dishes Josh managed the turkey carving. He drained the drippings from the turkey bag and pan by holding the turkey up with the hook from our stockings. (special note, carving a turkey in your union suit on Christmas day makes the turkey taste better)
Then because the puzzle was taking up the table we set up a quiet little spot by the tree to eat and celebrate Jesus' birth.
What a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Craftiness - Knitted

The first gift made this year for Christmas was knitted. The great part of knitting gifts is that they can go anywhere and be worked on: concerts, movies, meetings at work...
Next gift: Skirt
For: Josh's Niece, age 9 months
I wanted to make something for Josh's niece but just wasn't sure what until I found this pattern. Once I saw it I was in love. To go with it we bought a 3 pack of tights, a onesie and a shirt.
You can see from this picture how small and cute it was. I really can't wait for the opportunity to make another.
Next gift: Wash clothes and hat
For: Josh's Mother and Dad
(Wash clothes were also sent to Texas)
Mom Klynstra is always asking for wash clothes so when she was up this past July we went by JoAnn's and I had her tell me just what color yarn she liked best to make the perfect gift. Last year I made Josh a winter hat with ear flaps. He wears it daily and gave me the inspiration for a gift for Josh's dad. Hopefully it keeps him warm all winter too!
As much as I love knitting, the next gift idea ended up big enough that while in progress it was anything but transportable.

December 29, 2009

Christmas Family Picture

On Christmas Eve we did our best to set up our annual Christmas Picture (this is the second year we have done this so I guess we can call it annual). The lighting in the great room is actually pretty terrible, for taking pictures that is.
That and I didn't realize Josh's shirt was untucked but I guess when you are doing everything you can to keep a small rabbit looking at the camera you can't have everything else you want.
Regardless it is fun to see the change in us, Josh's shirt and facial hair are the same, and the house in the past year. Check out our 2008 picture here.

Christmas Craftiness - Small

As in the past, this has been a year has been one of crafty Christmas gifts and now that all of the gifts have been given and received I can share with you just some of what went on.
First gift: Barbie Clothes
For: My Niece, age 4
The first day working on Barbie's new outfits was spent just sitting on the floor cutting out the patterns. Just so you know I have never sewn anything from a pattern by myself before. I am much more the free lance sewer coming up with an idea and going with it. But I wasn't about to venture into Barbie clothes without some direction.
First Barbie received a new dress
Thanks to my 7 yr. old friend for a model doll
For casual days Barbie was sewn a new shirt and jeans
For the party nights Barbie has a new shirt and skirt but since the skirt is a little short Barbie must also wear matching shorts/panties.
And even though these clothes are for a Texas Barbie, every girl needs a good coat.
A ball gown was attempted and after many hours it was ripped apart, maybe for a future birthday gift that can be retried. For now, I am on to bigger sewing projects.

December 28, 2009

Office Suprise

While in Texas earlier this month I found more of my books from the New York house that had been moved to Texas 5 years ago. (Each time I visit my parents it seems we always find another box, maybe this is almost the end.) So the books were sorted and packed and then shipped via Media Mail up to Alaska. It takes so long for them to travel that they slip to the back of my mind until the day they arrive. What fun it is to receive two big, and heavy, boxes at work. I think the built in bookshelves will be first priority in the year ahead after our flooring is laid!


Last time I showed you the bathroom cabinet it had just been put together.
Since then many hours of work have been spent
Making it into a thing of beauty
Only one more coat of finishing oil
and it will be ready to come home

December 25, 2009

Isaiah 9:6

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas

We hope that you have a wonderful day with friends and family as you celebrate the Birth of Jesus our Lord.
This is one of our great gift of 2009. Josh's mom always buys us a tree ornament for each year to represent something from the past year. This year she had her friend Melinda make us an ornament that represents our big accomplishment of running water in our house. I know I will thankfully hang this ornament every year and remember the days of no water and how thankful for all we now have now. Thanks to Mom and Melinda for such a fun present!

December 24, 2009

Christmas Treats

The other night Josh and I took on the yearly tradition of making Christmas Cookies. I made the dough and then Josh cut out the cookies.
I frosted
While Josh Decorated
I set aside the decapitation pile
That Josh taste tested
Together we achieved baking success.
What fun.

December 23, 2009

A Birthday Success Story

Josh's birthday was a fun success. He successfully achieved the roll-on-the-floor-I-ate-too-much-good-food feeling twice, once after our birthday dinner with friends and then again after his special birthday dinner of a honey glazed spiral ham.
We saw lots of smiles and excitement as he opened his presents of woodworking tools and supplies.
And I witnessed great joy and pleasure as he took a bite of the German Chocolate Cake that he had requested and I learned how to make for this special occasion.
Overall, I think we can say that celebrating the beginning of being 29 was a success!

Happy Anniversary

Monday was a pretty big day for this little rabbit. It was Zeke's one year anniversary of being with us.
Over the past year we learned of his love for carrots
He has experienced what it is like to live in a house under construction
He had to learn how to climb stairs
Although inside most of the time he has enjoyed the yard a little.
Overall, it has been one fun year for our adventurous Zeke and for us.

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