November 2, 2009

Year Four for the Pumpkins

Every year for the past four years Heather and I have carved pumpkins together
The locations and who else carves them with us has changed but the tradition still holds.
This year to add to the fun I made a gluten free, egg free, dairy free dessert for us all to enjoy.
Kevin was very creative with his design
I carved my pumpkin similarly to what I do every year and then just enjoyed relaxing and laughing
All in all the pumpkins were carved and fun memories were had.
Here is the final line up:
Kevin's, mine, and Heather's
But then the Rileys left and my pumpkin was alone.
Looking forward to next year.


Anonymous said...

I like your pumpkins a whole lot.

mum said...

My goodness-such neat pumpkins! Kevin, yours definitely won the prize-fantastic! Heather, I especially loved the sneaky-looking eyes on yours, and Kathleen, your had a goofy, I'm happy, but not too bright grin. Loved them all! But---aren't there usually FOUR pumpkins and carvers?? Where was Josh and his creation????

Kathleen Klynstra said...

Josh doesn't like to carve pumpkins. That is why we did it at our house this year. As we carved Josh worked on mudding the laundry room.

hxriley said...

I LOVE IT!!! and the funny thing is your pumpkin looks so sad to be alone w/ that tear :(

momma davis, josh isn't a pumpkin carver guy...he's great morale support...and well, he had bigger jobs to do this year! he's been working hard!