November 13, 2009

An Unfinished to Slightly Finished Look

After all of the sanding of the drywall we pulled up the old carpet pieces we had on the floor. We had to pick off each piece of duct tape, scrap up all drywall mud, vacuum and we then get on our hands and knees and washed the floor. All of this to finish the drywall step and move towards a more finished look.
Josh taped all of the door frames and removed the doors into the boiler room and bathroom. Finally it was time to paint.
Even though it was just primer it was fun to see the room's walls change once again. We painted two coats of primer and the ceiling and upper walls white. Not very interesting so there aren't many pictures of these steps.
But then those steps were done and we were ready to start into something new and oh so very exciting.
Check back Monday to see just what it is we are doing.


Mother said...

NOT FAIR!!! I don't want to wait until Monday to see the rest...... Boo Hoo!

hxriley said...

haha.....your moms comment is funny. i bet others feel the same way....i know what's coming though....yay! can't wait to see it!