November 9, 2009

Thoughts on Cooking

Two thoughts on cooking today:
1. I am using my crockpot to make white chili for Josh today. I just can't possibly tell you enough how exciting this is to me. I love my crockpot and the smell of a cooked dinner when I walk in the door after a long day!
2. My sister and I grocery shop and cook very differently from each other but how she cooks still impresses and inspires me. Last night I cooked a very random dinner and it felt like something she would make. Not only was the dinner great but it made me smile at how wonderful a sister relationship can be!


Anonymous said...

What did you make... maybe it will inspire me!

Kathleen Klynstra said...

I wanted to cook with just stuff I had at home and am out of a bunch of stuff. I cooked brown rice in the rice cooker then in the electric skillet I cooked up one chicken breast that I had cut up into small pieces. I then added a cut up onion and diced up the last of my fresh mushrooms. They were all cooked and browned by the time the brown rice was done. I threw the rice in and mixed it all up. I looked to see what I could use for seasoning and had some raspberry vinaigrette so I added some of that. It smelled and tasted great. I used just what I had at home and used up veges that I had. Over all I think it was great and you, Hillary, inspired me b/c you did something along those lines when I was visiting you in May of 08. Plus it made enough for me to eat three meals. It is hard to make things for myself when Josh has leftovers so I am excited to have something ready for tonight when Josh has chili. Thanks sis.

hxriley said...

yay for the crock pot....this meal sounds yum kathleen! are you using the liners now that you have h2o?