November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Food for the Food Bank

Last year Josh and I were in charge of purchasing food for the Fairbanks Food Bank from funds donated by our church. Well this year we did it again.
This year the food bank needed yams, cranberry sauce and condensed milk. (sorry about the picture quality, camera was still on the outdoor setting from the bonfire pictures)
We ended up donating:
166 cans of yams
191 cans of cranberry sauce
191 cans of milk
Total: 757 pounds of food!
We are so thankful for all we have and what we can give!


hxriley said...

i was wondering if you guys were going to do this again.....glad you could borrow a truck from someone....and thank you COGOP for doing this :)

mother said...

It certainly does a body good to give and reach out to others. Means even more when it is done in the name of Jesus.