November 18, 2009

Put Where They Belong

For the past few weeks our washer has been here, next to our couch.
Our dryer has been here, next to the rabbit's cage and wood box.
But with the walls drywalled and painted and the flooring all laid, it was time to move them into place. First Josh worked on hooking up the vent duct for the dryer.
We moved the dryer in first
And soon the washer followed. Thanks to our friends that gave us this dryer we have a set folks.
I have searched around and found a laundry basket/sorter that fits in the 14" along the right side of the dryer. It is now on the Christmas wish list!


chucke said...

dear kathleen and josh,

what workers you both are! and i love the colors you are using in your house!i tell your mom,kathleen,i love your blog!i check it daily. it's like being in an adventure!
carol e from sun city

Kathleen Klynstra said...

Carol, thank you so much for your comment. It certainly is a fun adventure building this home. Maybe some summer you could come up with mother for a visit.

Hope you are enjoying the Texas sun today!

Mother said...

Way to go, Carol! Good comment. Sharon

Anonymous said...

And thank goodness for Carol- she looks at your blog more than your own mother... she can keep her up to date of your progress and posts.

hxriley said...

yay for an official 'laundry room'! i didn't notice until this blog the white top layer of paint. i like how it looks! i'm so proud of you for picking such amazing colors for your house kathleen....