November 7, 2009

Preparations for the Harvest Show

As I mentioned yesterday, Josh and I were responsible for planning this year's harvest party for our church. We came up with the theme of corn for our cook off portion of the night and then worked on planning the games and such that needed to go along with that (like counting how many corn kernels fills a glass quart sized canning jar, oh yeah 5,364 or something like that). I am very grateful to have an artistic husband during these times!!
Josh used plywood at home and cut holes out for a bean toss, which actually took place with two frogs I had sewn and filled with corn kernels (everything had to do with corn). Then he used the same piece of plywood to paint a corn stalk for a "pin an ear of corn on the stalk" game.
Come to find out my old tempra paints had been frozen in the snowmachine trailer last winter while being stored so Josh ended up finger painting the picture, and then threw out the paints:-)
While he did that I headed upstairs to get our food contribution ready. I found a recipe for jello glazed popcorn in my jello cookbook.
Cook butter, sugar, corn syrup and jello together until it boils for several minutes.
Toss it with the popcorn and cashews and then bake it all for a little bit.
And good thing I made extra since my painter needed a few tries just to make sure it tasted ok.
Overall the preparations and the party went well. We are both holding each other accountable not to sign up to do it for next year though. We will volunteer for something different. Now back to drywalling the laundry room.


hxriley said...

way to go josh & kathleen!!! i love the finger painting, let's talk about this jello popcorn....JELLO POPCORN??? was it good????

mother said...

That popcorn looks really yummy! Love the creative games-especially pin the ear of corn to the stalk. I used to make the pin the nose on the clown game for your parties, do you remember???