November 6, 2009

Piling Up

Sometimes in life things pile up.
-You decide to drywall a room
-This room has the only dish washing sink
-You cook meals ahead so it will all be ok
-Then you decided to invite friends, a family of 4, over for dinner
-And the days without a sink start to stretched out
-You find yourself trying to find a clean plate one night and then just serving your husband a snack of crackers and cheese on a tray. Not to be elegant but because it is the only flat surface you can find. Did I mention that the cheese and crackers are directly on the tray, no plate necessary.
-Your leftovers are now all gone.
-You find yourself making dinners, with very limited dishes in about 10 minutes because you and your husband aren’t getting home until after 7, closer to 8, most nights.
-You want to eat out but yup, went over the budget from last month and you keep reminding yourself you won’t do that again and trying to keep that resolve past the first week of a new month.
-And meanwhile the room is now being mudded and taped.
-But then you realize that last year, 2008, you signed up to organize a party for this week, really? What was I thinking?
-Just as everything on this pile of your week is about to topple over you ask your husband to hook up the sink in the room that is still being worked on.
-And at 9:30pm you set your dishes up on platforms on either side of the sink and the dirty dish pile feels very large.
-You manage to only have the plates and part of the utensils cleaned by the time your husband starts and finishes a shower.
-But then this husband comes and dries for you as you wash.
-And when bed time arrives you find that the dishes have been all cleaned and all the things in the pile that felt so very overwhelming when the dishes were all dirty don’t feel all that intimidating anymore.
Often times I find that if I need to find order in my life again, all I have to do is wash the dishes. Now laundry, that is a whole different matter all together. Oh, and we are still in charge of organizing that party, hummm….


mum said...

You know, my "TO DO" list doesn't seem all that bad, once I read your ongoing saga of things to do! And, like the old proverb, step by step we walk a mile. I am now involved in painting the bed frame, sewing curtains and pillows, writing an Advent devotion, ironing a dozen gowns for costumes (made out of ALL cotton meaning ALL wrinkled) and preparing food for the church dinner. So-the ironing board, sewing machine, pins, etc are out and the kitchen is full of food prep. I have a glimpse into your life, but mine is MUCH easier!
Wish I could help you...really!

hxriley said...

sounds like amidst all the crazy's of have so much to be thankful for.....friends to share food with, a wonderful husband who works hard to not only build with you an amazing house, but dry the dishes....and people who love you & comment on your blogs ;0)