November 10, 2009

Parade of Curtains - Day Two

In getting ready to prepare making curtains mother and I went though fabric that Josh and I had bought years ago when we were just in the planning stages of the house. I know that sounds really premature but there was a great sale on already clearanced items and we found a bunch of fabric for a killer deal. The orange stripes in our room were from that day and so is this fabric that ended up in the sewing/study room, aka: the green room. (Kind of shows what colors we loved even before we started painting)
Since there is only one window in this room we decided to go with curtains that would give the room more height and allow the room to stay as bright as possible. The green walls aren't dark by any means but we wanted to let in as much natural light as possible.
Since this is a "work" room and no one sleeps here we didn't bother with backing the curtains with anything but kept them light and fresh looking.
We just clipped rings onto the top of the curtains which ended up being easy and also have a "light" look to the room.
Next up, the guest room.


mother said...

I really like this room! Good things happen here. I see the white table is still up.

hxriley said...

curtains # 2 look great!!! by the time i get back from the boat i can't wait to see what fabuloso posts are up!!!

Anonymous said...

These are such cute curtains! I like them a lot.