November 11, 2009

Parade of Curtains - Day Three

The last day of curtains, for now, is our guest room; aka: blue room. Mother and wandered around Joann's and picked out the fabric for this room on my birthday. We looked at all of the blue fabrics and the white fabrics and finally I stated, "I love the dark reds, just wish I had a place to use those." Well from that statement on we realized that the red would look good with the blue and the rest I guess is history.
We made roman shades on the bottom and a valance on top. The bottom roman shades are backed with light blocking fabric too and work great in the summer.
I decided that the black rod looked best and we went for the simple rings to attach the valance.
We made the valance with just the off-white fabric but it just wasn't long enough and mother came up with the idea to piece in a piece of the red fabric and it worked out looking great.
To continue the red through the room we added a little bit into the matting of an old photo we bought during golden days. This picture is of downtown Fairbanks in 1913 and the old steam ships that brought supplies into the interior of Alaska adding to our nautical idea for the room too.
And that is the end of the parade of curtains for now. More on the laundry room progress to come.

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hxriley said...

job well done....i love the blue room and think it has a great nautical feel! :)