November 9, 2009

Parade of Curtains - Day One

Over the course of the summer mother helped me sew curtains for the bedrooms of my house. With the mornings and evenings being so dark I had to wait until I was home one day to take pictures to show you. Day one is our bedroom, the orange room.
We used fabric that I had actually bought several years ago on sale, it matched perfect except there wasn't enough. To add enough length we added a section of brown at the bottom that complimented the orange room.
To tie it all together we added a row of ribbon at the bottom.
To help with the bright summer days, and our neighbor's flood light in the winter, we added black out material to the back of the curtains.
Overall they look great and bring lots of additional color into the room with the green and yellow stripes and brown section.
Tomorrow, the study/sewing room.


hxriley said...

they do look great, i would agree!! i'm always impressed at your sewing machine skills ;) (you too momma davis!) love the lamps too :)

Mother said...

Curtains look good. Close up of the ribbon even made it look straight in line-haha. Funny to see the scenery out the window-snow and bare birch trees. That is NOT what I remember seeing all summer and fall.