November 4, 2009

On My Needles

Last year I made my friend Nicole a scarf for the winter. This year we decided to do it again. She picked out a pattern and the yarn and I got to work. And oh boy, did I find myself it a hole. It was a harder pattern than I had imagined, I have never worked with two colors at the same time before.
That and each row had different instructions. It was a good thing Nicole kept after me to get it done because after about 17 rip outs I was about ready to give up.
But I am thankful I didn't because this past weekend I finished the scarf and added the fringe edging.
Now Nicole has a new scarf and I have the satisfaction of accomplishing my hardest pattern to date. Now on to my next project which is a mix of pinks and purples.


Mum said...

So pretty! I like that big, bulky yarn. I hope Nicole wears it in good health all winter long.

hxriley said...

this looked beautiful! so impressed w/ your skilllz! Nicole----will be one lucky and warm gal this winter :)