November 3, 2009

Mud and Tape

Things have been super busy around the Klynstra home this past week and most of the busyness involves drywall mud.
Josh had the hard part of mudding all the seams and I helped out by working on checking for clickers and then filling in all of the screws.
Slowly each layer of mud had been added.
And the room is has been transformed.
It is a work in progress, stay tuned.


hxriley said...

'checking for clickers'....i love it!

Mother said...

So, what are these "clickers" that you checked for???

hxriley said...

momma's a term that i swear K & J made up....seriously.....for all anyone else knows, Kathleen could be checking for 'clankers'.... :O)

Kathleen Klynstra said...

Clickers are screws that stick out so that when your rub a putty knife over them the screw clicks on the metal of the knife. We didn't make these up, the drywall guys use that term too. You have to then sink the screws a little more before you can mud them. If the screws are sticking out the mud doesn't cover them and they show up through the paint and primer.

Mother said...

NOW I KNOW>>>>>>> I like the word "clankers", Heather!