November 20, 2009

Look What Has Arrived!

A friend recently asked us how we decide what to do next on the house when we have so very much to do. Our answer, we do what need to be done now! The reason the laundry room has been worked on these past few weeks is because we need/want our HRV unit for the winter to help out with heating and moisture in the house and we couldn't install the unit until the walls were all drywalled and ready. So you can probably guess our excitement the other day when we brought this home.
To save money a year and a half ago when we started this HRV route we decided to do go the "do it yourself" route. So when I went to pick up the unit I took lots of pictures of the units they have on display at the store
So Josh and I would have a reference when we put the unit all together.
Just can't wait until it all comes out of the boxes.

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hxriley said...

That's the 'do it yourself' Klynstras....wise, resourceful, and one of the best teams I've ever seen! love it!