November 17, 2009

Laying Down the Floor

In picking flooring for the laundry room Josh and I wanted something that wasn't too pricey but looked nice and that we could install ourselves. We ended up choosing the vinyl tiles like I had used in the upstairs closets.
Josh and I worked as a team and slowly the old concrete floor started to disappear
Until at last we had all of the full pieces in place.
We had Zeke give the floor a try and lets just say
He prefers the comfort of the back of the couch or carpet or concrete or wood or pretty much any where besides the slippery vinyl flooring.
But that didn't slow us down. Next Josh started cutting each piece to fit along the edges.
And soon it was all done.
With everything looking so nice it was time to start filling the room back up again.


mother said...

wow! That's a nice looking floor. Shiny and new. Room looks great. Your hours with dirty clothes will be more pleasant now, won't they? congrats on yet another job well done!

Zeke must have been like Grover when he was chasing the laser beam on the wood floor. haha

hxriley said...

WOW!!! it looks amazing!!! i can't wait to see it in person! way to go!