November 19, 2009

Design Team

So the Holidays are fast approaching and Josh and I have been asked to house sit/watch a friend's house for most of the entire holiday season. This house isn't far from ours and it has a completed workshop that Josh has been told he can use.
Soon I had an idea
That goes with the plans Josh has for here
and here
So I talked to my design team this morning about this idea
That will involve a lot of this
And soon Josh was working to finalize his proposed designs. It is going to be an interesting season for sure. Any guesses as to what is on the design team's mind? We all love the surprises Christmas time brings!


lindajo said...

Was I given a hint the other night. Have fun using the tools and having room to spread out the projects. I did notice the phones on the table of items, could those be the help line:)

lindajo said...

Also love your "design team".

hxriley said...

i have no idea...but the design team looks top notch!